E.L. James Talks New '50 Shades' Book & We Are Freaking Out!

EL JamesDid E.L. James just spill the beans about ANOTHER installment in the Fifty Shades saga? It sounds like the answer is yes. Maybe she thought no one would notice her subtle Tweet because we're all too focused on the filming of the new movie and Jamie Dornan's naked body parts. How wrong she was. I mean, clearly we heart Dornan's parts, but that is neither here nor there. She can't distract us with hot dudes indefinitely! And this reply to a follower asking if she'd ever write another book was impossible to ignore.


In a fan question and answer session on Twitter, she teased the idea of writing another installment -- from Christian Grey's perspective! In response to a question about this rumor, James' coyly answered, "Never say never." That woman is all about the tease -- something folks who have read her books know to be true all too well. Now we don't just have a movie to wait for, we potentially have another book coming too! I can't even.

Would you read a book written from Christian's perspective?


Image via Twitter

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