Prince George's Plane Behavior Made Everyone Stare

prince georgeAs any Kate Middleton fan knows, the Duchess, Prince George, and her family recently took a relaxing vacation to the island of Mustique, marking the tiny prince's first overseas vacation. From the looks and sounds of things, the trip was grand. When Kate was photographed by the pesty paparazzi, holding her baby boy, she didn't scowl. She smiled. By all accounts, the Duchess seemed to be completely at ease and in merry spirits -- and it's probably because, according to sources, Prince George was "as good as gold on the plane." What a dream for both Kate and everyone around her!

So, let's review quickly. She's a beautiful woman who's the future Queen of England, who also happens to be married to a seemingly really cool guy, and she has an adorable baby who behaves well on plane rides to exotic places? That Kate Middleton, I tell ya. The lady's got it made.

When do you think Kate will get pregnant again?


Image via Carmen Rodriguez/Flickr

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Jessica Ashby

Babies might get a little cranky on a plane due to altitude. But a binky or bottle can help with that to help their ears pop. When they get a little older is when it's harder. We flew with my two year old daughter, and while she did well, she became very antsy and was hard to keep still. 

Joanne Rutherford

according to Star Magazine, Kate is now a little over 3 months pregnant with a baby girl.

Carol... CarolynC71

Um, she will never be Queen of England. She is not an heir to the throne. She is not of royal blood. She is not even a Princess. You don't get those titles unless they are given to you at birth.

Diana was called Princess Diana but it was because she was from another royal family.

nonmember avatar Francesca

Diana's family is aristocratic, but not royal.

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