'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Makes a Shocking Realization

Brandi GlanvilleIt might have been hard to understand Brandi Glanville as she spoke haltingly (and with a lisp, thanks to a food allergy that left her tongue and throat swollen), but what she said changed everything on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight. Brandi has finally realized that her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump isn't everything she thought it was. Years of watching Kyle Richards speak out against Lisa and get punished for it have finally made it impossible to ignore what was so obvious to everyone else: Lisa is controlling and manipulative -- and worse, she's good at it! 

It was kind of hard not to get goosebumps as Brandi quietly shared how stupid she felt for not seeing it earlier. She had no idea that Lisa was moving her around the proverbial chessboard with such ease. Hilariously, when Kyle called Lisa Bobby Fischer, Brandi had to look the name up. 

But apparently the metaphor clicked -- she saw that Lisa was taking advantage of her own cards-on-the-table attitude (to mix my game metaphors) and using her to take shots at the other wives. 

Kyle and Brandi make for strange but not totally bizarre bedfellows. They've been at odds for so long, on the one hand. But on the other, they are two of the smarter women on the show. It's good that it looks like they are banding together against Lisa, their frenemy. Because frankly -- Lisa outsmarts the whole posse. It will take more than one Housewife to bring her down. Or, at the very least, bring her machinations to the surface.

But Lisa's adept at wooing people back into the fold, and it's clear that Brandi misses the closeness of their friendship. It's hard to say if her friendship with Kyle will be enough of a replacement. I'm tempted to say not. But Brandi's done so much growing over this season. I'm hoping she continues on the path of being her own woman and doesn't let Lisa use her the way she has in the past.

Do you think Lisa and Brandi are done for good, or is it a temporary blip in their otherwise flawless friendship?


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nonmember avatar cynthia

Its funny how everyone calls Lisa master manipulator because when their is a problem that escalates Lisa is the only one that tries to mend it. Are these women 14, Really!! Brandi is a total twit, racist, belligerent and evil person. You will reap what you sow. Remember when noone else was there for her the only one who picked her up was Lisa and Ken. You must be the worst friend ever!! No one bullied you to say the things you said. You said them cause nothing but diarrhea comes out of your mouth! You try to look the victim and helpless but you are the evil schemer in all this mess. Wake up ladies, there is a wolf in sheeps clothing among you and her name is Brandi!!!

nonmember avatar Daniele

I think Lisa is a pot stirrer and sometimes I do think there is a motive behind the things she does or says. However, Brandi is a 40 year old woman and makes her own decisions about what comes out of her mouth.
I think its childish to first talk about this with Kyle behind Lisa's back. I felt like I was listening to high schoolers when she said she was scared of what she was up against and being punished by someone. If you don't like someone's behavior you address it with that person and if they don't change you stop associating with them.
Brandi is calling Lisa a manipulator and making herself the victim (AGAIN!) but Brandi knows exactly what to do or say to get screen time. I also think she's realized how much bad press she was getting and is trying to redeem herself.
The scene with Yolanda passing her test was cute. Still these episodes are boring and repetitive.

Judy Tarver

How wonderful that Brandi's tongue and throat was swollen so we didn't have to hear the F bomb 50 times...and wow she was sober!!!    As for Lisa,  I liked her until she got a spinoff and then all of a sudden she is the guru of relationships and mother to all??   As for her spinoff,,,,,,   Sorry I have nothing in common with reataurant staff who fight, have sex with multiple partners and in general act like people I've never met.  My favorite on the show is Yolanda.   Now there's real class!!!!

Shandi80 Shandi80

Well said, Cynthia! 

Lisa C. Tyson

Well let me see... emm... Brandy try'in to play in the big leagues now.. Kyle and Lisa are both masters at their CRAFT. lol witch is puppet tearing all them people on that show.. Carlton move over these women are the real players, Brandy your not even in the game..

Paula Blazis Mancuso

brandi and carlton need to say  bye bye......lisa needs to grow up. the palm springs show..sitting there laughing at joyce,so pathetic ~~kyle is the class act. joyce is a doll!!


Msmith7 Msmith7

I've tried sticking up for Brandi sometimes, but I'm done. Brandi is an attention whore, she tries to play the victim and whenever she can't get sympathy for one thing she does something else to get it. First it was she got cheated on, YEARS AGO, then that finally died down, then her being a single mother, then her dog ran away and all that sympathy stopped for those things and she saw an opportunity to jump on another thing. She remembered the fight between Kyle and Lisa from like 2 years ago, and is now trying to act like the victim. AGAIN. She just needs to be fired and everyone stop giving her the attention she craves. Now the mothering thing Lisa goes overboard a lot but once you become a mother you think like a mother and when you see someone in need you try to help them, like a mother. Brandi doesn't get that.

nonmember avatar jessica

I really don't like Brandi, she is very stupid.

nonmember avatar rose

Kyle and kim are so jealous of lisa because lisa has class and is worth than they are.she is the sexiest lady on tv.she's sexy without even trying. Those beauty pageant with their tiaras donot compare with lisa.

nonmember avatar Marc

Brandi its time to look in the mirror stop playing the victim & recognise the drinking is out of control ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR FROM A GROWN WOMAN ; your beautiful your children are beautiful but your 15 minutes are up UNLESS YOU HARNESS THE POWER WITHIN YOU & stop this nonsense. I truly wish you the best You have the opportunity of a lifetime get sober get STRONGER & be the woman / mother/ person human being you were meant to be !

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