'Bachelor' Recap: Sharleen's Big Confession Could Ruin Juan Pablo

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Juan Pablo Galavis & Sharleen

Whoa. Thank GOD tonight's episode of The Bachelor took place in one of the most gorgeous corners of the world -- otherwise I probably would've been in bed a half hour ago.

Uhhhhhh ... New Zealand kicks ass. But Juan Pablo Galavis? As sexy as he is, I'm just not convinced he a.) has a clue what he's doing with these chicks, and b.) is really as ready to find true love and a wife and all that jazz as he says he is.

Because if he were really as in tune with the remaining ladies as he claims to be, he probably would've caught onto the fact that not everyone is buying what he's selling. Like Sharleen Joynt.

OMG. Stop hating on Sharleen, people! Yes, she's totally different from any other woman who has ever been on any season of The Bachelor -- but that's what I dig about her. She's truly in this thing to see whether or not Juan Pablo is right for her, and if he's not? Well, you heard her. She plans on getting the hell outta Dodge next week if the two of them don't have a genuine connection in Miami.

But if she does decide he's not her cup of tea? Well, that'll level the playing field a bit. Oh come on, if Sharleen really drops the ball and goes home next week if she's not "feelin'" Juan Pablo -- he'll hopefully understand a bit better how easily someone's feelings can get hurt. Like when he shamed Clare. Or when he dumped Cassandra on her birthday for no apparent reason. Or when he sent Kat packing because of her daddy issues.

And if Sharleen does leave on her own accord -- she just may scar him for life. He's into her. But he has no idea that she's on to him.

Sorry Juan Pabs, you're so freakin' hot it hurts and I'm quite sure 99 percent of the female population in this country can't resist you -- but I think you're about to get a rude awakening as far as the remaining weeks are concerned. There are only so many times you can say, "I like you and I want you to be here ..." before some of these chicks wise up and call your bluff.

Do you think Sharleen will eliminate herself?


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nonmember avatar jamile

I say good for her!!! Practically every episode of the bachelor for the last however many seasons all these women are so focused on winning the guy. They don't actually stop to think do i really and truly want the guy would this guy be good for me? Would we have an honest shot at a real future.. Or after the limelight fades and the dream dates are over and it's backto reality are we going to go our separate ways because we have nothing in common? Most get caught up in the Atmosphere and are just focus pretty much on winning the prize and being the girl with that last rose...

Roberta Howard

Yes she will walk and good for her... She deserves better... 

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

I think she will. And good for her for realizing that it takes two to make a connection, and that just because she's on The Bachelor doesn't mean she automatically has to/will be googly-eyed over him. I think a lot of women/men on the show(in seasons past) feel obligated to have a connection with him/her. I don't think JP is ready for a real, mature relationship. Not that that's a bad thing, but he just doesn't seem capable of being really deep. But who knows, it could be because he's in a brand new situation on national tv and doesn't know how to open up yet. It'll be interesting to watch next week.

Charlotte Trowbridge-Baker

I think she will probably leave, though I have seen him being so drawn to her. I think it is probalby because she is different, and very classy. She is the real deal and what he sees is what he gets with her. She is reserved but when they are alone she seem passionate toward him. I don't think his smooth talk will win with her, too bad I think she would be a good choice.


nonmember avatar Marielle Murphy

I think she is leaving. There is a rumor that she will be the next Bachelorette. *** I agree with everything in this article. What struck me as so odd was how everyone just assumed Juan Paul was so genuine and nice. When he was on Desi's season, we really did not see him that much. I liked James from Desi's season. He was the one who said, "Not everyone is going to end up with Desi" The whole gang of guys got on his case for that, it was awful. Desi got mad at him for making some type of back up plan. He was genuine, and they did not accept him. ** Everyone says they want a real genuine person, yet they never accept real. They always go for the phony person who says what they want to hear. Juan Paul was saying what people wanted to hear.

Karyn L Wikoff-Harvey

If that's the way she feels she should have left last night instead of waiting another week!

Susan Dawe

Charleen is not into kids, she's said that already. He should have sent her home after her hesitation about more kids but he likes her so much and wants to keep her thinking she will come around. If she is still doubting herself after all these weeks she should have already left. I love Renee. She should be a counselor. What a great mom for his daughter. She doesn't have the flash that everyone else puts out there but that's because she is mature and real and puts out who she really is. Cassandra was way too young. She's only 23!! How can a beautiful girl like her be crying in the
limo wondering if she will ever find love?? You have soooo much time to find the right guy for you!

Sandra Blake

Depends on where they go next.  I think most of them are in it for the adventures and the travels.  If she was serious she would have taken herself home a few weeks ago and

given the others a chance.  From the get go we all figured she was not for  him.  She knew it too.  Still she is hanging around. 

Bobbie Smith

I see nothing wrong with Sharleen staying-she is still questioning. Isn't that what they are supposed to do. Sharleen is a very classy woman and way out of his league and he knows it. He has no depth and is not very intelligent. He has a hair fetish that creeps me out. look at me,,look at me.. he is as DEs said he is -a dud.

Paula Veverka

I think Charleen is absolutely stunning BUT she should NOT be on this show. She's too classy for it. If they make her the next bachelorette I will definitely NOT watch it. She's beautiful but no personality....just like Jaun Pablo. Just a pretty face. I almost didn't watch this season and I'm sorry I did.

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