Kylie & Kendall Jenner Share Some Strange Career News

Kylie and kendallExciting news from Camp Kardashian/Jenner today. Well actually, it's from Camp Jenner and more strange than it is curious. Kylie and Kendall Jenner shared an interesting career development for them both via Instagram. Apparently the girls will be launching a new line of shoes and handbags in collusion with mega-design house Steve Madden. Our first instinct upon hearing this was was to whoop with joy! But then we were given pause. Does this mean the girls are personae non grata at the Kardashian Kollection? I mean, wouldn't that be the logical place for them to try out their design wings? 

While OF COURSE we're eager to see the youngest girls come out with their own fresh takes on fashion, it's weird to see it happening outside of the family's own fashion house. We get wanting to branch out and try your own thing. But so much of this family's brand is, well, being a family. Doing their own line as a duo definitely sends a message. It might also rule out the possibility of the critics going easy on them. Without their older sisters to hide behind, like it or lump it, the girls will be forced to take center stage. 

Do you think the girls are trying to send a message to the Kardashian contingent of their family?


Image via Instagram


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hello... hellokd87

Considering they're JENNERS and not Kdash's it wouldnt surprise me that they're going out on their own. Plus they might want to establish themselves as a separate brand & form their own identity other than the Kardashian sisters' little half sisters.

Clare... ClareMarie89

They have said countless times before in interviews which are on YouTube that they didn't want help doing they pax sun clothing line from there sisters as they want to identify themselves and have the stamp and true taste on the clothes and they want to work separately from they sisters. Have they own line not joint line. Maybe if u did it research author/blogger then u wud know.

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