The Weird Trait That Makes Kate Middleton & Prince William's Secret Getaway So Perfect

skoki lodgeThough she might be favoring warmer climes at present, Kate Middleton isn't against a wintry locale -- provided there's incentive enough to sally forth into the cold. The Skoki Lodge in Canada was recently revealed to be a favorite of Kate and Wills'. The adorable lodge sits in the midst of Banff National Park in Canada and is surrounded by mountains and other gorgeous vistas. But that's not the only thing that makes this hideaway so perfect for the royal couple. 

It's also COMPLETELY cut off from civilization as we know it! Sure, the idea of going without electricity, running water, Internet, or even telephones might seem a bit intense for the not-so-outdoorsy among us, but it was the perfect prescription for Kate and William who raved about their stay at this intimate setting. It's not that different from Bella and Edward's honeymoon in terms of isolation -- all supplies to the cabin have to be sent in via skidoo! Now that's what we call out there. But can you think of a more perfect alternative to a life of being hounded by the paparazzi? What better place for the royal couple to get a moment or two to themselves?

Do you prefer roughing it or a more pampered vacation?


Image via Skoki Lodge

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waity... waitykate

So what ? They keep going on separate vacations and such, Middleton was out on New Year's Eve without William, he's going away soon to shoot and murder animals for "sport" in Africa without Middleton....trouble in Waity and Willy Land or do the two lame lazy ones just bore each other to death ?  Hopfelly Willy will shoot himself in the leg and get a taste of his own medicine,  and Middleton will get a purpose and, Willy too.They're not called Willnot and Kannot in the UK for nothing.

waity... waitykate

And, Jecca Craig, one of William's ex girlfriends is in Africa.

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