'Bachelor' Star Clare Tells the Truth About Her Swim With Juan Pablo

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Clare CrawleyYes! After the whole mess went down last week with the heartless shaming incident on The Bachelor -- Clare Crawley has opened up about Juan Pablo and what really happened when the two of them went for that forbidden, late night swim in the ocean.

And you gotta give her props for speaking up, considering just how embarrassed she must have been after Juan Pablo basically told her he regretted "taking things too far" by giving her way more attention than the rest of the girls in the house.

Nothing says, "You're a total slut!" like a dude sharing a steamy moment with you, then telling you he regrets it the very next night.

But according to Clare -- a lot less actually happened in the ocean that night with Juan Pablo than we were led to believe. (Clever editing. Imagine that.)

Here's what she told E! News about their little romp.

Nothing happened in the ocean! [Laughs.] I know there's definitely a lot of speculation about it, and I guess I do appreciate this opportunity to make it very clear, because it's a little strange to me that nobody's made it very clear. Nothing happened and what had happened was simply that two people were living in their heart and being in the moment and falling in love. I was falling in love and I was checking off an item on my bucket list, which was to swim in the ocean and enjoying the moment.

Dang. They didn't do the dirty. I can't decide whether I'm relieved for her sake or disappointed because it takes away from our viewing pleasure to know that there was no funny business going on.

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But I guess in some way, it makes him look like a little bit less of a jerk for calling her out the way he did. Maybe he really did just feel kind of guilty about spending extra time with her and/or giving his daughter Camila the wrong impression by sneaking out with her.

But if he does have another late-night rendezvous with any of the women, let's just hope he handles things a bit more tactfully. The last thing he needs is for viewers to see him painted in a bad light all over again.

Do you believe Clare's claim that nothing happened with Juan Pablo?


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Bobbie Smith

yes he wanted everyone to believe something hsppened but it didn't. He ia ass anyway. Chris Harrison thinks he is a DICK

Linda Carter

no i thank she will do anything to get what she wants she want him are be the next bacholette if they let her be the next bacholette will stop watching the show i bend watching it from the first time it come on its bad now but she would make the show worse

Paula Veverka

I believe her. He's an idiot and I can't stand this season.

Kimbo36 Kimbo36

You just don't sneak out and go into the ocean for no reason ! Hello it is 2014 I believe they did the dirty or close to it lol

Roberta Howard

Believe Clare NEVER>.. This season is the worst ever. For a guy who wants to not show alot of kissing ect for his daughter he is kissing up a storm with each and every one. Last night show was the worst ever.. Even Chris Harrison had a hard time talking with him. He and Clare deserve each other the snakes that they are .... What woman would want to be married to him after veiwing this season.. 

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