Kanye West Slams Cheating Rumors But It Sounds Suspicious

Rebecca Stokes GossipMonger

Kim Kardashian Oh my god. So as we know, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West changed their wedding date in a thoroughly un-them-like move. At first they planned a summer wedding, but, 'desperate' to wed, they pushed UP their nuptials to this May. Okay, cool -- in theory, very romantic, too. But a rumor circulating about Kanye bumping uglies behind Kim's back with some floozy might give another reason for the ceremony being pushed up. Kim needs to lock Kanye down! Put a ring on it, girl! 

When questioned, Kanye's team says that the rumors, which have Kanye sneaking off from a party in Miami with Kim clone Gabriella Amore, are totally FALSE. In fact, apparently Kanye was nowhere near Florida at the time. But Kanye's been a bit of a dirty bird in the past, so it's only natural that a rumor like this one would set Kim on high alert. After all Gabriella is the same chick 'Ye is rumored to have shot a sex tape with -- another story his team decries as baseless. It sounds suspicious. Gabriella being named once, I'd take as a fluke, but twice? Plus, Kanye cheated with Kim on Amber Rose back in the day. I don't know Team West, methinks you might be protesting a bit too much. 

Do you think the cheating rumors are true?


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