Sean & Catherine Lowe Make a Major Move That's Long Overdue

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Gah. It certainly took them long enough, but now that they're hitched, Sean Lowe and Catherine (Giudici) Lowe are finally moving in together. Yep. They're back in Dallas after spending a lovely honeymoon in Bora Bora. For the time being, they're holed up in Sean's bachelor pad -- which I guess is a step up from the room Catherine was occupying at a friend's house before the wedding.

At least now she can call the place her own, right? Well, sort of. Sean told People, "It's a total dude place that I used to love but it's not meant for a newlywed couple."

Ahh, yes. A "dude" place. And that's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that Catherine and Sean are not planning on making his pad their permanent home.

Nope. Get this one: Sean says they are planning on building a house together, but admits it will take "years" -- so they're going to start hunting for temporary digs sometime in the near future.

Years? Seriously?!?

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What the heck are they building -- a fortress? Or possibly a replica of the Bachelor mansion where they met and fell in love? (That would be SO them. And I'll bet ABC would foot the bill.)

I'm guessing the home will be as custom as it gets, considering how long Sean is anticipating the building process will take. And he did say it will be large enough for "at least two or three" kids -- so it will likely have more than ample space.

But it will be interesting to see how things progress up until the time the bigger pad is done because living in a man cave could prove to get pretty old pretty quickly for Catherine. Who wants to spend the first part of her married life shacking up somewhere he probably entertained a bunch of other chicks? (In a totally non-sexual way, of course.)

Did you move in with your husband before or after your wedding?


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nonmember avatar Ihatemoronlikeu

Yeah idiot Mary. They are going to build a mansion to shove in your face lmao. I kinda laugh at you whenever you wrote something about them whatever comes to their mouth and making it to negative blog. I seriously fucking done with you for so long . What a bunch of loser are you. Let me tell you something . The lowes are married and they are starting their new life as a married couple and living on big d. They are no longer in LA. Why do you still minding to write them in your dealing useless blog? Write somebody else and shift yourself to somebody else instead of them about time idiot. Listen you have to stop minding their life from now on. There are a lot of Bach couple out there to focus for you to write . Go with Juan page, and the recent couple who are planning their wedding or the newly engaged former bachelorette. Or whoever. Gosh! How much can you go over with them . Unbelievable . I have to say this to you don't use the lowes to get a lot of hits with your stupid blog by writing daily of your shitty articles. Respect them a little bit, you idiot!

nonmember avatar Karen

I moved my ex - husband in before marriage.

morgi... morgiefae

bang head on keyboardWow... If you don't like her blog... don't read it. I hope that spouting off such negative hateful speech makes you at least feel better;  because it makes you sound like the idiot you are saying the author is. (Grammar and spell check is your friend... even if only used enough to make it semi legible.)


nonmember avatar IdiotPolice

To "Ihatemoronlikeu": What language are you trying to speak here? If you're going to 'try' insulting someone else, maybe - just MAYBE - try to form a legitimate sentence first and you might be able to stand some ground. "What a bunch of loser are you." Guess what? That makes no sense!!! I'm sorry, but you sound like the moron here - not Mary.

Julie L Hewitt

Time to start saving for a house...for the kiddos & to move on from the bachelor pad.  =)

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

Mary, Mary, Mary. Why must you spew so much disdain for this couple? Goodness, girl! Don't be so hateful. Maybe it'll take "years" because they are normal people with normal jobs and have to save money. You just need to relax there, sister. And in answer to your original question, no, my husband and I did not live together before we got married. I'm glad we went the way we did.

Roberta Howard

Frankly it is none of your business...on either counts.. Their house and if folks lived together before they were married...

nonmember avatar Angie

I can't stand your blog! You have such a pessimist, negative view.

Bunny Corriveau

no way, I did it the right way. I would never live in sin!!! that's exactly what it is, a sin.

Patricia Marcer

Mary, I  do  not believe in moving in, living with or shacking up as it is referred to in Europe prior to marriage. This is my family's standing on the subject, and it is what we pass on to our own children. We are a nation under God, so why is it so difficult to follow what is expected of us.  Sex outside of marriage is a sin, it is fornication, Because we are human, mistakes will be made, however ,we cannot continue down a path of destruction without consequence. This is when we must pull back, take stock, ask God for absolution of our sins and conversion of our souls. What makes doing that which is WRONG, RIGHT?   You need to move pass Sean Lowe

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