The Real-Life Christian Grey Has a Criminal Past You Won't Believe

Christian Grey The real-life Christian Grey just stepped forward, and you won't be disappointed. Italian celebrity real estate agent Alessandro Proto claims that E.L. James based the character of Christian on none other than him after they spent a couple of days together while she wrote an article about celebrities buying Italian properties. But we aren't sure if we buy it. Proto claims that details like the Audi he drove at the time, his wardrobe, and even the name of his company were all details James wove into the story.  

But then he's quick to say that when it comes to the bedroom, he and Christian have nothing in common. Could details from his life have inspired E.L. James as she conjured the character of Christian? Absolutely. But it doesn't sound like Proto and Grey have anything in common below the surface.

Still, the sexy mogul insists -- and he's not alone! Apparently people are sending him fan mail and some ladies have even started a fan club in his honor. Proto does have his fair share of dark secrets, however. He was arrested last year for manipulating the financial market. Not exactly, uh, the sexiest crime imaginable.

Do you think this guy's telling the truth, or would you rather hear it from E.L. James' mouth?


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Morri... MorriganzMommy

I'm currently writing a novel myself and I can say my characters are many different people rolled into one. I take from past boyfriends, guys I would have liked to have dated, and some celebrities. My main character is a bit of me and a bit of what I would like to be. Proto could very well be one face of the many different men that made up the fictional character that is Christian. It's interesting to see where some of Christian comes from. Almost like following a family tree, one branch of the making of Christian is Proto.

Tarquin Mahoney
If he is - its not a good thing.

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