Kailyn Lowry Posts Another Breastfeeding Pic & Fans Have Had Enough (PHOTO)

kailyn lowryKailyn Lowry seems to be on a mission to normalize public breastfeeding. Good for her! The new mama of two posted an adorable photo of herself feeding baby Lincoln to her Instagram recently, and then followed up with the tweet:

I mean, the woman has a point. Covering one's face while eating does seem like it would be rather uncomfortable. I think it's great that Kailyn has decided to fight the good fight for nursing mamas. Some think it's crass to post photos of yourself on the Internet breastfeeding your baby (check out her Twitter comments), but how will it ever be "normal" if people aren't exposed to it on a regular basis?

Way to go, Kailyn! You're one brave mama!

Do you think Kailyn should stop posting breastfeeding photos?

Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar kayla

no good for her. maybe more people will start doing it!

nonmember avatar Sasha

Good for her. Breastfeeding is the way to go. An no she shouldn't stop posting the pictures. If you don't like it don't look plain and simple.

Sara Olivares

It's Breastfeeding People! It's a normal thing to do for a mother of a new born. People all getting mad and freaking out over nothing if you don't like it don't look or read it. Mothers do it every where so get over it. And it's not a big deal she is covered up.

Laura Moffett

Before formula was invented or breast pumps how do you think people fed their children in public?? Get a grip people. It's a wonderful and natural thing to do.

Amanda Jones

You go Kail!!! As a breastfeeding mother myself (my son turns 1 next week) I have breastfed him at minor league baseball games, hockey games, restaurants, church, etc! No one has said a word to me yet. And if they did I wouldnt even have a chance to get crappy back because my very supportive husband would step in first. Keep doing what youre doing momma! You rock!

nonmember avatar UTDIVA

Good for her! It is amazing to see a young mom put her child's nutrition above prudish people's opinions!! Would you expect a bottle feeding mother to hide or not post photos? THIS IS WHAT BREASTS WERE DESIGNED TO DO!!

Robin Selvera

Good for you Kail!  You are inspiring other young girls and women to not be afraid to breastfeed.  It's wonderful and I personally think the pictures are beautiful.  


nonmember avatar kim

Thats how God intended people get over it way to go kail show em ur a good mom

Britney Havis Harper

That's awesome! Breast is best for baby and most teen moms do not even consider the idea of breastfeeding. Good for her!

mylil... mylilprincesses

Keep on with it! It needs to be normalized

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