Jenelle Evans' New Baby Bump Pic Makes It Impossible to Hate Her (PHOTO)

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans shared a new picture of her baby bump on Instagram, and whether you're a Jenelle hater or not, there's no denying it's kinda cute. Evans posed with her baby-daddy-to-be, Nathan Griffith, for the classic hands-over-the-belly shot, and, well, these two look really happy together. So happy, in fact, that it looks like they just might raise their baby in a healthy, well-adjusted, drama-free environment. Congrats, Jenelle! You look great!

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What do you think of Jenelle's latest pregnancy? Think she'll have full custody?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Kelly Meagan

she'll be just fine she has a more sincere smile on her now then a forced one and I think her new man is actually doing some good for her =)

Hunny... HunnybearSG

I'm sorry but I just don't think that her having another baby, when she has so little to do with Jace, should be something she is showing off or being proud of. If she had been responsible at some point in the 4 years of her sons life and if she was actually raising him I would feel differently. Does she even take into consideration how all of this is going to effect Jace when he's old enough to figure out the truth of his Mother's past on his own? As of now, that answer is a big fat NO. She does not think about or take anyone besides herself into consideration. It truly sickens me that this pathetic excuse for a "Mom" can have kids when my dearest friend, who would make an excellent Mother, can not. She & her Husband are going to have to adopt. Its not as easy as you may think, and she's a friggen school teacher at a private Christian school.

nonmember avatar Sillygrin

Cute? No, not cute at all.. She couldn't (can't) take care of her first child, she JUST had an abortion, and now this.. No, not cute.

Amy Adams

No. I still hate her for mentally abusing her son.

nonmember avatar sherri

Hey shes trying her best give her time to.grow up god bless them hope.they are doing good parent :)

nonmember avatar sarah

Didn't she just have an abortion???? On episode 1 or 2 of the new season her mom was taking her to the clinic?????

nonmember avatar michelle wilson

I think all you people with your negativity can go shove it!!! Did u ever hear of second changes or that people can grow up and want a better life!?!? If u ever notice she was brought down by the men in her life..she has now found a good man and that's all she ever wanted...I wish her lots of happiness!!!

Alicia Lynee'

Nope. Still hate the stupid cunt.

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