'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: The Girls Finally Confront Kenya Moore

Kenya and NeneThis week, it was back to business on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. In case you've forgotten, when last we parted ways with our girls, they were all in their pajamas watching their man-friends punch each other in the pectoral and facial regions. It was a hot mess. This week, the girls rehashed the fight and tried to make sense of it all.

They finally came to one conclusion: It was totally Kenya Moore's fault. Boom! Finally! It only took them the better part of the season to realize that when it comes to Kenya, it's all about drama, back-biting, and girl-on-girl crime. Hopefully tonight's confrontation will set the stage for a full-scale booting of Kenya from the inner circle. 

Although they were all momentarily distracted by Kandi Burruss's strange break with reality mid-fight, eventually everyone realized that it wasn't Kandi who was the problem. In fact, Cynthia Bailey and Kandi worked out their kinks really quickly. Luckily for us this involved them both doing hilarious impressions of each other and Peter Thomas saying that the whole thing was like an episode of "Jerry Stringer," which is not a real television program, Peter. Oh, how I lol'ed.  

It took none other than NeNe Leakes to get to the bottom of the big debacle. In keeping with tradition, the 'wives were all at a spa wearing spa-pajamas when the truth came to the surface. For once everyone was united -- AGAINST KENYA! There is a higher power, and they are awesome. NeNe gamely pointed out that the whole fight started because Kenya overreacted. She tried to shoot this theory down, but before long all the other ladies were realizing that every time there's been drama -- Kenya's been at the root of it. Kenya is backed into a corner. Who knows how she'll get out of this one? I mean, if she does at all!

Do you think the girls are done with Kenya for real this time?


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nonmember avatar cherese

Very disappointed in the Housewives of Atlanta. I'm hoping this is for entertainment purpose only! Kenya Moore needs to re-examine her 1993 Mrs. USA rules.. this is not a top models character, even if it was in 1993! There is way too much drama this season, and although entertaining; I do like to here about the positive results of Kandi, Ne-Ne , Cynthia and Phaedra's world... Love you girls but we really need to know how to accept negativity without reacting to it.. Because the devil is going no where.. but JESUS is in all of you... don't let the devil have his way.

nonmember avatar kandy

It seems as if apologies were given, fingers were pointed, and individuals acknowledged their behavior; however, Nene didn't take ownership of anything. Everyone completely flipped the script on Kenya. She didn't create this havoc all by her lonesome:(

Janice Pomales

Disappointed in this writer. Still. So, is she just around for the winter? Is someone on maternity leave?

nonmember avatar erica

I think Kenya is not the one to blame- I think the other ladies are full of it-Everyone that is leaving a comment on facebook believe that Nene is the one to blame with her shady questions-Christopher was the first one to get up and disrespect Kenya but the ladies don't see that- to me that is plain ridiculous-Apollo was attacking Brandon and nobody except Kenya and Brandon thought that was not acceptable and it wasn't at all-looks like Apollo was jealous of Brandon -Nene just doesn't get it and Cynthia acted like a gangster with her husband

Karen Johnson

Ok, so my opinion of Kenya last season was just like most of all of yours. She was Crrrraaaazzzzyy as hell. But quite frankly this season I think she's just the opposite. I mean lately she's been the only voice of reason. So none of those girls can admit that that entire melee was Nene's fault, backed up by Apollo? Really? And Apollo tells Fedra that he was trying to break it up, got hit by Kenya's friend while trying to seperate him, and that's what caused him to react like that. He then tells his doe doe wife "I love you" and she saids "ok". lmfao. All I have to say is that this crap just has to be for t.v. Can't believe this sh*t can be real.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Nene started this mess, she is gangster and needs to sit down. What woman behave like that. All for money no thank you. Nene needs to be put in her place, she's a bully.

nonmember avatar Phylise

I sorry but did anyone. See the same show i was watching. If NeNe had not opened up her big mouth, then none of that might not happened. I dont like Kenya at all but damm NeNe was wrong. And so was Ms. Bailey. Because she also said she didn't they the other couple. Where married. And 1 more thing. Cynthia sister. Shouldn't. have not even Been. There in the frist place, Kanida shouldn't beat that ass...

Byron Jimenez

Ok I am totally not a Kenya fan...But this was all planned and orchestrated by NeNe.... She knew exactly what she was doing and knew how it would turn out once she got everyone drunk... She is a total snake in the grass and everyone needs to take a step back and recognize it!

nonmember avatar Chelle

Why does everyone seem to forget that Cynthia was the one to start trouble too. She brought up the gossip about Kandi's fiancée while she was around the rest of the crew instead of going straight to Kandi to let her know what she heard. She is not as innocent as she tries to seem. I liked Cynthia during her first season, now I really can't stand her especially since she couldn't admit her fault in this whole mess as well. I'm no where near as short as Kandi but I would have went off too with her hands in my face.

nonmember avatar Brittany

Who ever wrote this is absolutely crazy! Kenya clearly was the victim being grabbed by that man and being the center of Ne Nes entertainment. Ne Ne bullies her a lot and knew what she was doing when she brought up that nonsense.

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