Jessica Simpson's Amazing Post-Baby Body Will Make Your Jaw Drop (PHOTO)

Jessica SimpsonIt seems like only yesterday Jessica Simpson was being criticized for gaining 60 pounds during her first pregnancy. But damn, has this woman come a long way. The singer shared a behind-the-scenes photo from her upcoming Weight Watchers commercial and looks absolutely incredible. It's kind of like she's giving a big eff-you to all the fat shamers out there. Take that, haters.

Check out the smoking hot photo below. But I must warn you, you'll want to head to the gym immediately after seeing it:


Damn. She's not just working it, she's werking it. Everything from her hair to her facial expression just screams fierce.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the best she's ever looked. Not to mention her confidence is through the roof. Jessica captioned this photo "too proud to sit down!" which only proves just how good she feels about her new body.

Way to go, Jess!

Seriously, how AMAZING does she look? Does her weight loss inspire you?

Image via JessicaSimpson1111/Instagram

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