Leah Messer's Mystery Surgery Is Seriously Scary

Leah MesserWhoa, Leah Messer is going in for surgery!? This is unexpected -- Leah normally keeps her goings-on on the D.L. in a big way, so the fact that we even have this intel is remarkable. She must feel really scared if she decided to open up to her fans and followers on Twitter about what was happening. Not that she opened up much. Other than saying that, yes, she was going in for surgery, and yes, she was scared about it, Leah didn't have much else to say. 


Including what was sending her in to go under the knife! That's right, while she was comfortable sharing her fears and the bare bones of where they came from, Leah couldn't bring herself to reveal the actual reason why she was going in for surgery. Obviously the woman is entitled to her privacy, but her radio silence since posting that tweet has made us all mad nervous, yo! Hopefully she isn't in the hospital for anything major and she'll be back to fighting form in no time! Get well soon, Leah! 

Why do you think Leah's in the hospital?


Image via Twitter

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