Dr. Phil Thinks Bruce Jenner Is 'Possibly' Undergoing a Sex Change

bruce jennerFor months now we've been hearing that Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change. Between his long hair, long nails, and alleged Adam's apple surgery, it isn't exactly shocking that rumors like this are floating around on the Internet. It's kind of sad, because if Bruce is, in fact, undergoing gender reassignment, he has to have the entire world watch him every step of the way. But I suppose that's the price one pays for being a part of the world's most famous family.

Bruce hasn't directly addressed the sex change rumors himself, but Dr. Phil McGraw was recently interviewed on Inside Edition on the subject, and he seems to think, if the rumors are true, Bruce does seem to be having surgery to become a woman.

Dr. Phil said, "Everybody's been ... saying for the last several years since he had plastic surgery that he came out looking like a woman, with feminine features and characteristics. If the [Adam's apple] surgery that has been reported has taken place, and the things that you see, he looks to me to possibly be in transition." He then added, "If he's wanting to move in that direction, which I have no problem with if that's what he wants to do."

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I mean, you can think what you want of Dr. Phil, but the man is a professional with several degrees and probably knows a thing or two about transition.

If Bruce wants to become a woman, I certainly have no problem with it either. But if he's not, he might want to ease up on the surgery. Especially if he's hoping the rumors will stop.

Do you think Bruce Jenner is undergoing a sex change?


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nonmember avatar nikka

dr. phil only has honorary degrees. he is not a real doctor.

the4m... the4mutts

Dr phil IS, in fact, a real doctor. Just no longer licensed to practice. He is now an "advisor". He also used to do psych eval for pre-op plastic surgery patients, so I do believe he knows what he's talking about.

nonmember avatar Kl

"Dr." Phil is not a medical doctor.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Dr. Phil is has a PhD. He has no medical training and is about as qualified as someone with a GED to provide medical commentary. He is trained in psychology, although he is no longer licensed. I would caution strongly against listening to anyone who claims to be a professional, yet comments to the media about people who are not clients. Furthermore, if Dr. Phil did treat Bruce Jenner, which he obviously can't because he holds no license to practice, he wouldn't even be able to confirm that Bruce was his client let alone discuss him to the media. Dr. Phil, much like Dr. Drew or Nancy Grace, appeal to the lowest common denominator of society.

nonmember avatar Philtarded

Dr Phil gets on my last nerve. He is nobody special. He is a fuctard that makes me sick. My therapist is more qualified to practice psychology than him.

bmommyx2 bmommyx2

since when is Dr. P an expert on Bruce Jenner?

Marilyn Rebouche

World's most famous family? Seriously?!?!

nonmember avatar The truth

Dr Phil roll your googled eyes the other way you dump lump of shit people are so stupid first if all the dude Jenner got chopped up with bad plastic surgery plus he has a talking dead style Adam hard wick Adam's apple when you get old things loosen up gravity takes hold so he sliming it down I don't blame home and the hair brad pits got long hair in shitty world war z and he still ricks it Aston kutcher has same style and for nails my friends that ain't long nails long is boquita 20 inch nails no until he is in drag pumping gas in Louie b then fuck of Phil and haters I hate the kardashians with a passion but this man is descent dr Phil is closer to become ing a bitch then anyone living in oparahs kangaroo pouch

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