Farrah Abraham's Second Sex Tape Is Even More Shocking


Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham may claim that she's done with the world of sex-tape making, but Vivid Entertainment doesn't agree. The team behind her first film, Backdoor Mom with James Deen, has announced that the rumors are true: They are releasing A SEQUEL to the film. It's going to be called Farrah 2: Backdoor & More. What it lacks in its title, Vivid swears it will make up for with over an hour of unreleased footage that will "teach porn stars some new moves." Oy vey. Looks like whether she likes it or not, Farrah's back in the adult movie-making industry. 

This news is pretty depressing, especially in light of the stories Farrah's told lately about how making the movie "ruined her life." It's super-disturbing that they are releasing this cobbled-together footage. Especially after Farrah's frank discussion of how making and promoting the movie led to her being "raped more than once." Vivid has no issue with continuing to milk Farrah's trauma for a profit. She's freely admitted that making the tape was a mistake. Why should she have to keep paying for it? 

Do you think Farrah brought this upon herself?


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Emily... EmilyMelodious

What trauma? This girl will say anything that will portray her as the victim. Its pretty much known that she will do or say anything as long as it guarantees her more air time or cash. Everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt. And you can't call it a sex tape, this was a planned out porno. As far as rape goes, where was the police report? Did she tell anyone? She doesn't strike me as the type of person to let someone attack her and not strike back. Her mom hit her, so she calls the cops and tells everyone her parents are abusive. James Deen tells the truth about their porn deal and she goes on a rant about how he disrespects women and then takes personal jabs at his physique. Maybe if she was ever held accountable for her actions instead of everyone feeding into her "woe is me" victim stories, she wouldn't be half the train wreck she is now.

nonmember avatar Tosha

What is wrong with this girl and she is still trying to say she didn't make a sex tape and here comes another one...

Hunny... HunnybearSG

I agree with you 100% Emily Melodious. At this point so much garbage has come out of her mouth that anything she says is hard to believe...

Kara Brister

yes i agree she brought this on herself.i think its downgrading to do sex tapes what must her daughter think when shes old enough to understand.

Turtl... Turtledoves

What trauma? Before she was talking about at what age she was going to show it to her daughter!

Nicole Lee Sudia

Trauma my freaking ass!  She is a straight whore and a worthless mother to boot!

Garrett Headflanagan

I thought porn ruined her life and it was just a rumors... first saw about it on http://www.sextapestabloid.com/news/view/id/325-farrah_abraham_goes_beyond_backdoor_in_a but thought it was not truth but as i see i was wrong! omg she really did it again! crazy whore

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