'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's Nude Photo Could Save His Reputation

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Juan Pablo Galavis & ladies

D'oh! Wait until you hear this one. There's a rumor going around that Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis' final pick is sharing a nude photo of his, ahem, package to her friends -- I guess in an effort to brag about the hunka-hunka burnin' love who now solely belongs to her.

Don't worry -- I'm not going to reveal her name or dish out any other sorts of spoilers, so you can keep reading.

According to RadarOnline, Juan Pablo's lady is sharing the photo via text. The pic is so raunchy, I almost feel kind of ashamed and dirty just talking about it.

Are you ready for this? You might want to sit down. It's a full-frontal shot of Juan Pablo complete with his erect penis. Supposedly it's been verified that the pic did indeed come from the reported Bachelor winner's cellphone.

And while I'm sure the last thing Juan Pablo wants is for nude photos of him to surface since they would set such a bad example for his daughter and all -- this just might be the best thing that could possibly happen to him right about now.

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Why? Because it will make everyone focus on something other than the comments he made about gay people and the way he shamed Clare into feeling like a mega-slut. People might actually start to feel a little sorry for him. If his lady love is really openly sharing naked photos of him, that's, like, a huge betrayal.

He suddenly goes from being the bad guy to being a dude who ultimately picked the wrong girl in the end and will wind up heartbroken -- because she cares more about bragging about the size of his junk than his privacy or feelings.

Aw. Poor Juan Pabs. All he wanted was true love and instead he may have found himself a serial sexter.

Do you feel bad for Juan Pablo if this photo really is circulating?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar Lindsey

Yeah poor Juan Pablo he took naked pics of himself and sent them to some he met on tv. No one could see something like this happening. Why not slut shame him the same way he just did someone else instead of feeling sorry for him for doing something to himself by taking those pics in the first place.

Gloria Elliott

so sick of hearing about poor clare,she's the one acting like a slut sneaking off to see him,when she told the others she was tired and going to bed.she really showed what kind of person she is by doing that,i don't pity her at all,she's such a drama queen,i think she's trying for pity so she can be the next bachlorette,i hope not because i love watching those shows but won't watch if she is

Sandra Blake

Seen one - you've seen them all.  Maybe she hasn't seen any.


Dawn Wendel

Not at all do I feel sorry for him he got what he deserves!

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