'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Recap: Sugar Bear Is Finally Fed Up With Mama June


here comes honey boo booIt's been clear from the start of the season: Mama and Sugar Bear are having some major relationship issues. There is just no heat between them AT ALL. It's not as though the world expected the pair to be all over each other following the commitment ceremony, but Mama could at least show an inkling of interest in her man. She doesn't. Well, Sugar Bear has finally had enough of his icy wife.

He is so desperate to get the spark back, he even suggests they have another baby. Needless to say, Mama immediately vetoes that crazy idea, leaving the man of the house feeling emasculated and dejected.

"Sometimes June seems like she doesn't want much to do with me whether it's having a baby or otherwise," he laments. Poor Shugie. He just wants to get "back the spark" in their lives. He lights scented candles and gets a dreamy look in his eyes. "I keep trying and one of these nights it's gonna work," he added. But his attempt is for naught. She grouses about the "nasty" lavender candles.

Another day, he sits her down for a serious conversation about their relationship, but she's more interested in watching the trains go by. Frustrated, he demands they see a relationship counselor. It's a mature suggestion, one she fights at first but she reluctantly goes -- for him. Not that it does much good. She admits to enjoying couponing more than sex. Geesh.

But Sugar Bear is taking this seriously. He wants affection and says it's not all about the sex. He'd be happy with an occasional hug and goodnight kiss. Come on, June. How hard is that to do? She says she "will try to give" him a "smooch" every night. Though she does not exactly sound thrilled about it. She does, however, make good on her promise later.

She doesn't want to lose him, but it doesn't look like she wants to do what she needs to keep him. He's not asking for much -- just a little love and affection once in awhile.

Do you think Mama and Sugar Bear can repair the damage to their relationship?


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adamat34 adamat34

I watched this last night ...can't remember why....but I honestly felt bad for this man she treats him like shit and all he does everything he can for those loud disgusting women. I think he needs to leave and find some peace

prnce... prncesspeach

I feel bad for him too. she acts like all he does is take up space.

nonmember avatar Mary

I wonder if the fact that there's cameras everywhere are making June embarrassed to be romantic. She has said in the past that her family never discussed sex with her, maybe it's deeply rooted shame?

Jessy76 Jessy76

I kind of get the impression that June is not the affectionate type. She isn't even really affectionate to her children. Some people are just like that. It doesn't mean she doesn't care or that she isn't interested in him she just doesn't really know how to express it. Sugar Bear is a good man and she is lucky to have him I can't imagine she doesn't know that. He loves everyone of those kids with everything he is and he adores June. I hope for both of their sake's she is able to find some affection somewhere in her to help make him feel loved and appreciated. She would be insanely stupid to let him go.

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