Uh-Oh! Did Kanye West Just Cheat on Kim Kardashian?

kim kardashianKanye West may be about to be in big trouble. An anonymous source who spoke to the website, TheDirty.com, is claiming that they recently saw the rapper getting into an elevator with a gorgeous woman who looked like Kim, but definitely wasn't Kim. The tipster said, "I swear I saw Kanye West with, who at first I thought was Kim, until I got a little closer. It was definitely not Kim ... resembled her, but not Kim. They then both disappeared into the elevator. He looked like he was trying to keep a low profile, wearing sunglasses. I had to find out who this girl was. She looked so familiar. I'm almost 100% sure it's Gabriella Amore." Gabriella Amore, for those of you who don't know, is Kanye's sex tape partner. So yeah. No bueno.

This, of course, could all be nothing more than a rumor, but typically, when there's smoke, there's fire, so I wouldn't be shocked if a small part of this is true. Bad timing, though. Kim and Kanye just moved their wedding date up! Yikes!

Do you think Kanye cheated on Kim?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar sandy

Okay, the requisite qualifier: Probably a rumor. The hard likelihood: Kim has been lulled into a false sense of security, and Kanye will cheat on her numerous times... because he can. Unfortunately, Kim has demonstrated a near-desperate need to be in a relationship/marriage, and Kanye has been determined to be with her since the moment they met, which was years ago. Kanye seems to possess a dangerous mix of charm, self-importance, determination, and manipulativeness: He also appears to believe that he is above the law and superior to most other human beings. Kim is blind to his negative traits, because he has provided her with a child, and with the belief that her heart is safe with him. It is not a stretch to think that the wedding date has been moved up, so that Kanye can weave Kim even more tightly into his web. Once Kim is completely trapped, she will be too afraid to accuse him of cheating or to leave him. All the signs have been there from the very beginning, but people see what they want to see.

Mercy Ozuna

Yep people see what they want to see and the majority of the time it's not good they just go with the flow to try to say they don't have problems when in reality we all do there's no perfect marriage

Robin Shook


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