This Pretty Actress Can't Stop Gushing About Robert Pattinson

Holliday Grainger Holliday Grainger, the pretty star of The Borgias and, most recently, A&E's miniseries Bonnie and Clyde, recently opened up about her long history with Robert Pattinson. While she says the two of them are just friends, they have a long, long history. Holliday wasn't afraid to open up about the time she's spent with Robert and just how authentic he's remained as years have passed. She couldn't say enough nice things about him -- but then, who could blame her?

She's worked with him on two movies. In one of them, 2012's Bel Ami, they played romantic partners, which only further endeared Pattinson to Grainger. She had this to say about what life was like after Twilight for Rob:

I’ve known him since his pre-Twilight days when he was a normal person and it was still like, 'ooh you’re playing Cederic Diggory.' He’s managed to keep very level headed and normal. I don’t understand how. I can’t fathom the idea of living a life like he lives. On the set of Bel Ami in Budpest there would be hundreds of screaming girls there at 5 a.m. and they would still be cordoned off when we finished. He had to move hotels because there were so many people outside his. One day he was signing autographs on the way home from work at 6 a.m. after a night shoot. Bless him, that’s an extra level of hard.

Aw, it's awesome -- but not surprising that Rob's made such a positive impression on his co-workers and friends alike! We know he's still desperate to make things work with Kristen, but we gotta say, he and Holliday make a super-cute couple in their own right.

Would you approve of Rob dating Holliday?


Image via © Britta Pedersen/dpa/Corbis

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nonmember avatar No Name!!

Lol oh please! Don't be silly. She's not dating Robert Pattinson. They are just friends. They known each other while they was worked two film together.

nonmember avatar Renecel Padilla

Its up to him if he likes to date another woman......hopefully kristen will find the right guy as both of them

Amanda Roman

No Name!!-- ya think?? I mean that entire article didn't mention ANY of that? Nope, they didn't mention that they worked together or were just friends...not once.... *smh* some peoples stupidity really shocks me.

nonmember avatar Ashlee

I think he should forgive Kirstin there a good couple

nonmember avatar No Name!!

Amanda Roman - smh... You know that holliday's not type's Robert. she's say that two are just friends. If you don't read it then you must blind. If you don't believed that i say that they were worked two film together or just friends. Then I'll let your own opinion. Please don't comments. I don't want to fight with you. Have a good day!

nonmember avatar Nameless

I really hope Kristen and Robert get back together....they seemed so natural together. stupid things happen in peoples lives. What kristen did was just fate bein bad and testing her. I think they would make wonderful parents of beautiful children.

Susan Seeman-Pultz

personally it is all up to him who he dates, if he wants Kristin back then that is what he should do and keep Grainger as a friend. But nobody should assume what dating status is, because it is really nobody elses business, yes he may be a big time actor and everybody loves him but still the man is entitled to a private life which has been denied him since his Twilight movies


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