Bethenny Frankel Finally Makes the Move We've All Been Waiting For

bethenny frankelWell it took her long enough. After what felt like an eternity, Bethenny Frankel has decided to rent out a second apartment away from her ex-husband. The talk show host, who's been living in the same gorgeous $5 million NYC apartment as Jason Hoppy despite their separation 14 months ago, has been stubborn for a while now. And it seems that perhaps her financier boyfriend Michael Cerussi was the kick in the (small) booty she needed to finally pull the plug and move forward.

Frankel currently shares custody of her 3-year-old daughter Bryn with Hoppy, which is a major reason neither of them has moved forward. Well that, and apparently Hoppy wants quadruple the amount Bethenny's offered to settle the divorce.

Eeeesh. That's a chunka change.

Regardless, I cannot believe it took Bethenny this long to finally get the hell out of there. I do understand that both she and Jason wanted to keep things as seemingly normal as possible for their little girl. But still -- that had to have been a nightmare coming in and out of such an unsettled emotional environment. Heck, we've seen Bethenny sit on a therapist's couch before on one-too-many episodes of Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Ever After -- there's no way this was helping her psyche.

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For a long time now, there's been much debate as to if Bethenny ever really loved Jason, which I think is a bunch of bologna. In my eyes, the two were most definitely in love -- and then he saw what it was like to have fame and wanted to keep it despite the marriage crumbling. Now that she's finally renting some new space, the two need to call it for what it is, finalize the divorce, and move forward with their lives.

Who knows, the next chapter may be scary, but it could hold even better things than the last.

Have you ever had problems moving on from an ex?


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nonmember avatar Teresa

It is so unfair that Bethenny has to move out of an apartment she bought with her money just because this entitled and lazy ex-husband wants to cash in big time for a marriage that lasted only two years. Jason is a gold digger and he was only pretending to be noice for the cameras.

nonmember avatar Judy

It looks like Jason won the custody fight and is going to continue to live there with Bryn. It's probably for the best. If they can't find ther way to sharing custody, Jason is clearly the better parent of the two and it keeps Bryn from moving out of the only home she's ever known.

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