'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham's Got Some Serious Legal Issues

Farrah Abraham Couples TherapyFrom the beginning of this season of Couples Therapy, watching Farrah Abraham has been like playing that kids' game: which one of these things doesn't belong. Having shown up without a boyfriend in tow, the Teen Mom star is obviously a strange fit for a show that's about COUPLES. But it wasn't until tonight that it really became apparent that Farrah should be kicked to the curb.

The show started with more drama for Ghostface Killah and his girlfriend, Kelsey Byers, who -- I'm going to just come out and say it -- deserves better than his lame two-timing behind. Unfortunately single Farrah's drama managed to upstage the real relationship issue once again, when she got pulled into a private session with Dr. Jenn Berman.

According to Farrah, she can't talk about whatever it is she needs to talk about in therapy because of some legal issues that seem to relate to her sex tape (I say "seem to" because, once again, girlfriend can't talk about it). What happened after that was one of the strangest things I've ever seen on reality TV. Berman actually pulled off her mic and kicked everyone -- save for her and Farrah -- out of the room for a private off-camera discussion.

Right there? That's proof that Farrah doesn't belong on the show.

I don't actually begrudge her getting some private therapy. After watching her on TV for years and reading some of the things I have about her, I'd even say she NEEDS therapy. But hello! She signed up for a TV show on the premise that she'd be doing the therapy in front of the camera.

And now she's basically said she can't ... for LEGAL reasons.

Not emotional reasons -- which I'd really have some sympathy for. LEGAL ones. Which, ostensibly, she knew before signing a contract with VH1.

What the what?

Now, Dr. Jenn came out in group therapy and said Farrah had disclosed horrors that were so awful, they're among the worst she's ever heard as a therapist, but again, she couldn't go into what it is that Farrah said. Nor would Farrah to the group.

Basically the therapist and Farrah were both telling the group they have to feel sorry for her and be nice to her because SOMETHING happened to her ... but no one will say what.

And no one really seemed to take kindly to that. Taylor Armstrong's fiance John admitted he can't relate to Farrah in any way because he just doesn't feel she's honest, and Whitney Mixter aptly described the boyfriend-less, tight-lipped Farrah as nothing more than "a girl in a room" if she can't actually contribute to the group in any way.

I feel for Farrah, I really do. Some of the stuff she has revealed this season has been pretty sad. But if she can't engage in what the show is offering, it's time for her to go ... and find some private therapy so the other couples can actually get on with the healing.

Kelsey could certainly use the time Farrah is wasting to learn to get over the jerk who has been jerking her around for the past year!

What did you think of the way the group responded to Farrah's explanation? Were they being too harsh?


Image via VH1

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Jai Hutto

I don't think they're were harsh...I think they're all FRUSTRATED. (As am I at this point!) After tonight's espisode and especially after seeing Dr. Burman break down when speaking about the private session with Farrah it's pretty clear that she should have NEVER agreed to go onto the show! I mean, WTF? WHY is she there if she can't TALK ABOUT WHY SHE'S THERE? Everyone else is there to help their relationship...obviously Farrah isn't part of a couple. Does Farrah need help? YES! But I don't think that Couple's Therapy (either the show or couple's therapy in general) is NOT the kind of help that she needs right now. So, they need to let her exit the show so that the other couples can get the help that they signed up for. 
Ghostface is suck a fucking peice of shit. I'd love to kick him in his nuts...twice. Kelsey is so beautiful, but she needs to wake the hell up and find a man that's going to treat her the way that she deserves! The way that he acted when Kelsey was angry at him, it was just like a toddler. He didn't want her when she wanted him but when she needed to focus on herself and didn't want him, he couldn't stand that....because HE has to be the center of everyone's world or he's not happy.  Obviously, he has issues there, but he needs to take his head out of his ass before he can even START to fix them. 

nonmember avatar tx4real

I think her "legal" problems are that James Deen along with Vivvid are about to file a defamation lawsuit against her because of all the damaging lies she has told about Deen. If she admitted on camera that she's been lieing to the media all this time about Deen leaking the tape behind her back, they would have an open & shut case. As it is they have plenty of evidence, it would just be a lot easier for them if they had her fessing up on tape. There's no other reason that she couldn't tell the truth about how the p0rn tape came to be. She signed the same contract that Deen signed & he told the truth about it from day one. We'll see...but that's my theory. And as for being beaten by her parents....sorry but I don't buy it. Why would she leave Sophia with her dad 90% of the time if he were that kind of monster? Also I've never seen a kid who was beaten & abused by their parents boss them around the way she does. I just hope her dad doesn't let her get away with this...he doesn't owe it to her to let her use him as a way to get sympathy if it's going to ruin his reputation. He needs to grow some balls & stand up to her...maybe it's time to REALLY get his belt out!

nonmember avatar sandy

The rest of the group was not too harsh, not at all. They are struggling to be honest and open when that probably feels like the hardest thing in the world...and they agreed to do it for a television audience. Then in walks Farrah, who is given special treatment, first as the only single person allowed in the group, and now, because her issues are too "legally" sensitive to be shared. The group rightfully resents her: It is supposed to be a group for couples, who are supposed to be emotionally vulnerable, share their struggles, and work toward strengthening their bonds. Farrah can not and will not participate honestly or fully; worse, she is taking valuable time away from couples who are holding up their end of the bargain.

there... theresaphilly

They were not too harsh. Farrah never had a boyfriend, stage the porn tape & released it to the public, and had to go off camera to make her lies seem truthful. The bitch is lying to try to become famous. When her sex tape did not give her the Kim Kardashian fame she got pissed. 

Now with Kelsy, she is going to stay with Ghostface because she loves him and her self-esteem is in the gutter. I think the other female is going to leave, seems like she has some good sense. 

nonmember avatar Nonya

Yah... I mean, everyone has issues, some worse than others... and they all have the right to respectfully be dealt with... however, if you cannot (legally or otherwise) speak and discuss those issues openly and publicly then WHY would you agree to be on a public reality TV show that's based on putting personal issues out into the public?!?!

myles2go myles2go

I think the treatment farrah received wasn't harsh enough, and Dr Burman should have showed her the "backdoor". Farrah is a straight - up lier and wouldn't know the truth if it bite her in the azz. I'm so ready for her to leave that recently I have muted when she's in counseling with the other couples. I don't understand how she can sit there and think her issues are private while others can express their lives in public, and she's taking it all in as if she can relate. Every word that comes out this slut's mouth is a lie.

I questioned the same as everyone else on this panel, that if her parents are soooooo evil and done all these things to her. Why are you allowing them to take care of your daughter. She is very disrespectful to her parents as she were on 16 and pregnant along with teen mom 1.

As for ghost, I would like to kick him where Kelsey is hurting the most. Just want her to wake up and see he's NOTHING BUT A DOG. She can do much better than him. He comes across as if he's a gift to these women, but isn't.

nonmember avatar SwallowThePill

Couldn't have said it better myself, although I personally do not feel for Farrah (and quite frankly lost a little respect for Dr. Jen over it). My tolerance for weepy, attention-whoring BS is about nil. People who are truly traumatized don't put it out on TV that way, even hinting.

nonmember avatar Honeypie

Farrah has thrown her own parents under the bus w/physcl & monetary abuse claims on every TV show she can appear on. Its disgraceful cuz of how much they.ve helpd her! I think it's time 4 mom 2 write a "Tell All Book" now. So we can all finaly kno the truth about this snake! It would b a best sellr. Farrah has writn her mom off anyhow, refuses Sophia any contact w/her, she has nothing 2 lose anymore.

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