Kristen Stewart Reveals It All Behind the Scenes of Her Newest Project (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart's known as much for her strong attitude as she is for her beauty and naturally gifted acting ability. But she's showing her softer side in her newest ad campaign for fashion house Balenciaga. It's the second fragrance she's helmed for the company, and in a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, it's hard to look away from her! Girl is passionate about her perfumes.

Kristen is also clearly passionate about the ad campaign itself. Her raw emotions talking about the ad are almost as shocking as her nearly-nude campaign. This fragrance is all about keeping it natural, says Kristen, and we can't think of a more perfect person to accomplish that goal. Here's to so much more Kristen the fashionista. She takes this stuff seriously -- and we can't stop watching!

Would you buy this perfume based on Kristen's campaign alone?


Image via Perfumes Look Mallorca/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Rita

ABSOLUTELY!!! Iam buy this perfume

nonmember avatar Jun

Watched this video a few times, something mesmerizing between the photography, the music, and the way she talks about it. I'll buy it.

Lucy Exarhopoulos

100 percent yes , we already had seen the perfume. & made sure it's Kristen's perfume , it's smell very refreshing & inviting just like her we are happy that the perfume is just like Kristen Stewart

Lynda Lyons

I would buy perfume based on her being in the ad, yes -- and did. Unfortunately I didn't care for it but I will try again with this new one. Kristin Stewart's beauty is as exquisite as her individuality. That's what I want in a perfume as well and I respect her work, integrity and persona enough to presume I may find that 'just right' perfume by trusting a perfumer she thinks enough of to be associated with.

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