Kristen Stewart Leaves Robert Pattinson Behind When She Visits Ultra-Romantic Place

kristen stewartIs Kristen Stewart trying to send Robert Pattinson a message? First, she hangs out with Riley Keough, her former friend who hooked up with Rob? And now Kristen jets off to Paris, the most romantic city in the world, without him? What is going on here?! Where's the pouty, pining Kristen we all know and love?

Rumors are swirling around, saying that the pair is currently in a bit of a tiff over their mutual friend, Ellie Goulding, who's continued to hang out with both of them, but separately, since they officially broke up. But, if you ask me, seems like there's a little more here. Kristen really seems to be making an effort to show Rob that she's completely over him. Maybe that's a good thing?

I'd be shocked if the couple formerly known as Robsten is done for good. But as of now, it doesn't look like we'll see them together any time in the near future. RIP Robsten. For now.

Who would you like to see Rob date?


Image via BabyWelcome/Flickr

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nonmember avatar No Name!!

I don't think that Rob would date anyone. He told her that he promised and won't date her friends. I believed that they are over. Remember? He was hookup with her friend Riley. When kristen found out that Rob was dating Riley. Kristen feel upset and betyal from Riley. They were supposed friends. we probably see them in the future. But kristen might be or not reuniting soon with Robert Pattinson. When he finishes the project from Toronto till he's back in LA. He probably back in LA

Shirley Sorrow

Yes, Kristen.  I don't think either of them have really dated since the separation.  A lot of rumors, but that's about it.  They will be back together.  Kristen is in Paris on business....not pleasure.  I'm sure when they feel the time is right they will be back together for good.

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