Pregnant Jenelle Evans Has a New Habit That's Really Bad for a Baby

jenelle evansBreaking news! Teen Mom Jenelle Evans can't stop buying her son, Jace, clothes. Shoes and outfits, more specifically. It's pissing her mom, Barbara, off, but you know Jenelle! The girl is going to do what she wants, when she wants. She tweeted to fans that she just "can't resist."



Jenelle, girl. I feel you. I, too, sometimes find it hard to not buy my child clothes, because gosh darn it, kids look so cute in everything. But mom to mom? It might be a good idea to scale it back a leeettle right now. After all, you've got another one on the way. And everyone knows how much diapers and baby-friendly detergent can add up. Just a thought!

Do you think Jenelle is going to be a better mom the second time around?

Image via Jenelle Evans

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