You Won't Believe What Chelsea Houska's Baby-Daddy Did Now

ChelseaThere are very few things in life that we will remember until our dying days. The birth of our children? Yeah. That stays with you. Unless you're Chelsea Houska's baby-daddy Adam Lind. This absolute dream of manliness totally FORGOT their baby Aubree's birthday. Unbelievable. The birth of a child isn't like Valentine's Day or even an anniversary! It gets high ranking!

What a bone-head. Being around him must be like starring in those "could have had a V-8" commercials, except he is the only one getting smacked in the head. Chelsea must have been totally nonplussed. Their lives change forever and he can't be bothered to remember the date? Plus, it's not like it happened all that long ago!

Though chagrined, Chelsea still came to Adam's defense. When Kailyn Lowry tweeted her disbelief, Chelsea laughed off the incident. She says he just got confused. Confused, huh? Nobody put Adam in a room with the lights off any time soon, that's all I'm saying.

Do you think Adam just spaced or is he really that clueless?


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Jai Hutto

I think he's a goddamn moron. I couldn't beleive my ears when he said that on Tuesday's episode! WTF? I shouldn't be surprised.

nonmember avatar mremomma

i dont get to watch every episode but this really didnt suprise maybe because my kids bio dad has done the same thing and can not spell our youngest daughter s name right

nonmember avatar Carrie Sobek

i think alot of fathers are like that he just happens to be on tv, i feel like fathers feel they dont have to remember stuff like that because its up to us moms to remind them. then we have those really good dads who we all sceretly wish are kids had who would do anything for their kids and want to spend all their time with their kids. we also have moms who keeps kids away from dads just because they feel they can. so i hoping he does better for aubery and not just this new baby because i dont think he is going to realize what thats going to do to her and i hope chelsea can get through it because its going to hurt her too. i know i have been there myself and you cry when you kid does because they dont understand why daddy dont love them enough and we cant give them answers. my thoughts to adam shape up because you are already shaping your daughter and thos are things sometimes you can not fix

nonmember avatar shelby

I think Adam is a complete idiot. How do you forget your own daughters birthday

Dana Sheppard Gibson

nobody in the family shoudl forget a child's birthday!  it really bothers me!  Cause it happenes to my hubs all the time! :(

Torra... TorranceMom

Adam is an agitator - he does things just to get under people's skin. I wouldn't be surprised if "forgetting" Aubree's birthday wasn't him trying to do just that.

Noahs... Noahs-Mom

I believe Adam is that self-centered. I am not shocked at all.


Antonia Maria Dgaf'Limonn

-No surprise there....He's kind of an idiot..and he's having another kid..Smh-.-

Jen Bass

Antonio the kid was already born

nonmember avatar Jennifer

My ex husband did this with our youngest then tried to blame it on me saying I told his dad wrong and his dad had it in calendar as few days later. Yet we were together when he was born, his 1st birthday and slept right before his second birthday. He should know this without consulting his father, it is his son for crying out loud. But he also had to ask me what/how to spell his middle name, so I picked a real winner there

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