Khloe Kardashian Might Take Lamar Odom Back -- Ew, No!

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian has seemed to be in a good place since her breakup with Lamar. She's been open about how it's been hard (understandable), but generally seems to be in good spirits. So, what the what is she doing posting an Instagram message that could potentially mean she's forgiving Lamar.

On Thursday, Khloe posted, "Your mistakes do not define you" to the social media site, and although pithy quotes seem to be a favorite thing of Khloe's, this is somewhat concerning. I mean, she's not the one who made a mistake, Lamar did. So, is she talking about him?

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I suppose it could just be a general quote to break up the selfies, but it sure seems pointed. I loved Khloe and Lamar together just as much as the next gal, but Khloe should NOT get back with him. Stay strong, baby girl.

Do you think Khloe should take Lamar back?


Image via Khloe Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar PRISCILLA

If Khole loves Lamar and wants to take him back than she should. It doesn't matter what people say or think. God wouldn't sent her anything she can't handle. I believe she is a strong & beautiful woman. I have faith in her & Lamar. You just have to believe.

nonmember avatar married29years

Yes, love forgives and relationships grow stronger. I personally think that Khloe and Lamar are soul mates. They're love should be stronger than their mistakes. We all have made them and unfortunately drugs turn most into monsters. As long as Lamar is clean I see no reason for them not to try harder to make it work. They should follow their hearts. I have been married for 29 years and believe me it hasn't all been peaches and cream. There are ups and downs in everything in life. You appreciate what you fight and work hard for. People these days give up too easy and that explains why they don't succeed. Nothing worth anything is easy.

Lorena Edmands

Good luck, do what ur heart wishes to both of you

Rhonda DeGrande

they are soul mates, I believe lamar was self medicating because he suffer from depression, but if he get clean and make it up to khloe they should get back together, you could tell lamar really loved khloe

nonmember avatar Layla.R

I personally think they can and will make it work. Khloe' and Lamar are soulmates. These people weren't even together for months before Lamar proposed to her and they got married. And quiet frankly they both been really happy till now..I say if she wants to she should get back with him regardless of the critics. As long as Lamar will stay clean and they both want to make it work. Love conquers all Yes lol nd it's fucked up

nonmember avatar Gidget Ray

Khole and Lamar were so good togather from what we could see every couple wanted what they had/ have!!! To me they just lost there way and need to find there way back to each other. Their love was and could still be a beautiful thing. Don't give up if you truly believe!!

Michelle Nightingale

NO! He is a cheater and has deep issues that will take years to resolve. If she takes him back, boom, he will cheat on her again once the honeymoon phase is over. Believe me, been there, done that.

King Rico Killens

She should. People hit rough patches some greater and more difficult than other couples, but it is her choice. Obviously, she has forgiven him which is the first step. Besides, i think they have been working on their marriage all along

nonmember avatar felicia

If she believes she can handle why not.,she is a beautiful strong lady so i believe she would do whats best for her. Wish her the best

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