E.L. James Leaks Exciting New '50 Shades' Casting News

Katie CassidyStop the mother-lovin' presses, Fifty Shades fans! Because E.L. James maybe, sorta, kinda just dropped 10 kinds of casting truth bombs up in this noise! In a fun pic posted to her Instagram account, James teases an image of Katie Cassidy, playfully pointing out just how "flexible" she is. Oh my. You know what this means ...


Cassidy is totally on-board to play Leila! She's got to be, right? And in the very first movie installment, no less! That is curious. Makes you wonder even more what tweaks the movie's production team is making to the plot's time-line.

Fans of the CW's Arrow (and with so many naked man bodies in that show, we should all be fans) are no stranger to Katie, and while nothing's been set in stone, wouldn't she be kind of perfect? She and Dakota Johnson look just similar enough to up the creep-factor.

Do you think this picture means Katie's really on board?


Image via TwitPic

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