Beyoncé Out-Glams the Rest of Us Mere Mortal Mothers in Stunning Photograph

We don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing. On Wednesday, Beyoncé Instagrammed a pic of her and Blue Ivy just chilling together, you know, like any normal mom and toddler. Beyonce didn’t even bother to put pants on, and she’d handed over her phone to keep her little girl entertained.

Except there’s nothing ordinary about this impossibly glam photo. Sure, she’s in her underwear, but she’s also in a white silk robe and sexy heels with perfectly polished red toes and is perched on a throne of white damask and gold.

There’s a gold-framed mirror in the background that perfectly reflects a sparkly crystal chandelier. A red party dress of some sort hangs waiting to be draped onto the superstar’s gorgeous curves.

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Blue Ivy is wearing a white dress that is somehow clean. I don’t know about you, but when my kids were 2, they didn’t own white because it would be filthy in approximately 3.2 seconds. I bet Beyoncé just gives dirt molecules a look and they keep away from her adorable daughter. I do not put that power past her abilities.

But really the best thing about this photo is not all the glitz and glam or even Bey’s perfectly curled blonde locks -- it’s the genuine joy and love she’s expressing for her child in her easy smile.

Now that’s something we can all relate to.

Would you trade places with Beyoncé for a day if you could?


Image via Beyoncé/Instagram



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Coles... Coles_mom

Nope. Wouldn't trade places with her for 1 second, let alone one day. That nasty trash bag of a husband she has. I can't tell the difference between the dude she's married to and the dude Kardashian procreated with. I call the guy(s) Bubba Gump. They both have that flappy bottom lip that leaves me thinking they should be talkin' 'bout some shrimp.


^^ Why don't say what you really mean.

sassy... sassykat122

@COLES_MOM go back to the hillbilly hills with your kkk family you racist redneck hick internet troll. Doesn't feel good when somebody calls you names or makes fun of you without cause does it.


@Coles_mom:  I feel sorry for your kids...they are being raised by a racist individual.  Please pray every single day, hour, minute, second that your kids do not marry or procreate with someone whose features you feel is so disgusting.

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

coles_mom is a DUMBASS!! She talks shit about everyone else, because her life is so damn miserable- go sit in a corner

Coles... Coles_mom

I'm not a racist...good did you guys get that out of what I said? Her husband is nasty. She is lovely. The author asked if we'd trade I wouldn't trade lives with her. I repeat...her husband is nasty. I didn't say a dang thing about color. 

sandy... sandy2727

I love Bea but no I wouldn't trade I love my life with my 3 kids & my husband. But I do love seeing celebrities taking pictures with there kid's it's so beautiful. Best of luck to Jay & Bea...

sassy... sassykat122

@COLES_MOM post a picture of yourself and we'll all talk about your nasty features. Sagging, stretch marks, crooked nose, yellow teeth? Doesn't feel good to be picked on for 'no reason' does it. Jay-z raised himself out of poverty to become a success. Nothing nasty about that you ignorant prick.

Vivian Wilson

No thank you God made me and why would I want to trade places with some one who I think worships the devil NONE OF THAT FOR ME .

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