Farrah Abraham Claims She Was 'Raped Repeatedly' in Wake of Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham just came forward with some shocking news. In the latest issue of In Touch magazine, the Teen Mom reality star admitted that she was drugged and raped repeatedly after the release of her porn movie, Backdoor Teen Mom.

Farrah said that she realized she had put herself in some very unsafe situations. “I was drugged and raped more than once," she said, "I allowed the [wrong] type of people into my life. It was a very dark time."

It’s times like these that I wish Farrah hadn’t been caught lying so many times. She lied about the nature of the sex tape; she lied about having a boyfriend so she could get more screen time; she lied about getting a tattoo ... and who knows what else.

I would hate to think that Farrah is lying about being raped as a publicity stunt.

Farrah also opened up about the childhood abuse she endured from her parents Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham. “[They] would beat me with a belt if I acted out," she said. "I had cuts, bruises, welts, swelling, and scars.”

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That one seems more believable and plausible, especially considering that we watched Farrah’s mom slap her on the show, not to mention the fact that they just seem like over-controlling, dominating jerks most of the time.

I really want to give Farrah the benefit of the doubt on this one. If it’s true, then I’m glad she’s coming to terms with what happened to her and trying to keep herself out of dangerous situations. While it’s never a girl’s fault when she’s sexually assaulted, it doesn’t mean that you should be stupid and unsafe.

Do you think Farrah is being honest?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Facebook

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nonmember avatar Kelley

I think that she's doing that for attention. It's clear that she wasn't drugged or raped. She was all for that. I guess she's just needing more money. Or a reason to get attention. She's nothing but a skanky whore.

Hunny... HunnybearSG

I agree 100%. She has lied about so many disturbing things so far that it IS hard to believe this. I absolutely believe she was abused mentally, emotionally & physically by her sociopathic, controlling & manipulative parents. You can plainly see the very real damage they caused their child. As far as her being raped, I truly feel it was more of a "I let myself be used & taken advantage of because I crave attention" kind of situation. Just my own personal opinion.

Diane H Damion


nonmember avatar Emilee

I don't see her hangin with the " wrong ppl" if she had of been raped she would have let it be known along before now! We all know how much station she wants and for some reason deserves. As for her parents if they " beat" her like she claims why in the hell would she let her parents raise her own child? I would worry with them doing the same things to her that they did me! We all know how good of a lier she is... Watch couples therapy she can tell a lie in one sentence and swear to the good lord above she never said it in the next! She has nobody only BC she won't be her self to anybody! I wish the baby daddy were alive just to c if it was a hook up or if she had an real relationship with him. My bet he was only a wham bam think u mam kinda thing.......find yourself Farrah before they find u on the floor!!!!

shell... shellyplatz

LIES!!! All lies! I believe she was a spoiled rotten little brat who grew up to be one of THE most self centered people I have ever seen. She is a fame whore. She will do anything to stay in the spotlight!

heleo... heleowens

It is very sad to me that you all would jump the gun and be so hateful, I know her choices have come into question before, but it's no wonder so many girls are scared to report their sexual assault. It doesn't matter if she said yes a thousand times, if she said no and someone took advantage of that, there's nothing right about it.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Porn is neither "mainstream" nor a good life... despite what "sex-positive" advocates might say.

nonmember avatar Lea Davis

A lost child. Hopefully she can find herself and see she doesn't need the spotlight.

nonmember avatar howlowcanugo

PPL!! Its the Parents that have been abused!! Go2 UTube "The Test" See 4 urself how nasty & hateful she is 2 them, & how they bak dwn & appease her, clearly outa fear! Farrah beat her mom 4 bringn in her mail! Then had her thrown in jail! Its all there. This is lying, as low as any1 can go. 2 thro ur parents that $upport u & ur baby under the bus like this. I think its calld Anti Social disorder. W/Narcissim & def a Pycsopath. Dr Jen realy sold out her credibity on this1. I dont kno if she'll b able 2 recover? Farrahs takn it 2 far now. But tmrw anothr day. She'll come up w/something!

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