Kate Middleton Reminds Us She May Be a Duchess, but She's Also a Military Wife

kate middleton prince williamWhen we think of Kate Middleton, we think of a royal, a duchess, the wife of a prince, the mother of an heir to the throne, etc. Not necessarily a military wife. But that's exactly what she was while Prince William was serving in the Royal Air Force (RAF) until he recently stepped down to focus on being a full-time royal. And hence why she's written a foreword to a new book called Living in the Sliptstream: Life as an RAF Wife, due out in May. It's a collection of stories told by the wives of Royal Air Force servicemen.

Louise Campbell, a rep for the publishing house, told E! News about Middleton's contribution: "The three editors of the collection are all RAF wives themselves, and I think that they just felt that obviously it would lend the book some amazing credibility to have a [foreword] by somebody that's obviously in the public eye, but is also an RAF wife herself." I'll say! The fact that she contributed is major!

But at the same time, it raises the question of whether or not she, being the Duchess of Cambridge, really has much in common with fellow RAF wives? Is it crazy to think that they -- or any military wives -- could relate to her in any way?

Well, when you think about it, royal or not, she still faced many of the same challenges any military wife does. Dealing with her husband being away for periods of time and having to contend with the very real possibility of losing him is an experience Kate shares with others whose partners are serving their country. And it's certainly a case for her to have written the foreword for this book.

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Plus, the author's profits from the books will go to charities Royal Air Forces Association and RAF Benevolent Fund, so it's clear she wanted to give back. Good on her. If for that reason alone, this book sounds like a project we could all get behind! Not to mention that it'll be interesting to check out the Duchess' literary debut!

What do you think about Kate contributing to this book? Do you think of her as a military wife?


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nonmember avatar happyjuice

Glad to hear that the proceeds will go to charity. That should silence some Kate haters...for about 5 seconds

waity... waitykate

Well the few pages Duchess Dolittle wrote must have taxed her little brain so badly that she now needs another vacation to Mustique !  After doing nothing all January, then going to Mustique...I heard she has a whole THREE engagements set for this month !   Not starting till the 11th !   Hey , bimbo power !   I guess. It certainly isn't "work ethic power".  You'd think she'd choose to use her position to help people much more than she does. In the UK she and William are referred to as "Willnot and Kannot".

Mark Twain wrote: "Royalty, in any form, is an insult to the human race."

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