Justin Bieber Takes Bad Behavior to Higher Levels Than Ever on 'Pot' Plane


Justin BieberSomebody make it stop! Justin Bieber has been riding on an out-of-control train for months now, and every time we suspect he is about to slow down and get help, yet another report comes out that paints a really ugly picture of the singer. This time, Biebs and his entourage -- including his father, for Pete's sake! -- were reportedly "extremely abusive" to staff aboard a private flight from Canada to watch the Super Bowl in New Jersey and smoked so much marijuana the crew had to wear oxygen masks. They ignored the pilot's pleas to stop smoking, which would have been nice since the crew has to pass drug tests in order to stay licensed, and were so mean to a female flight attendant that she hid in the cockpit for most of the trip. 

After the plane landed, the 19-year-old admitted to smoking pot and drinking alcohol on board. Drug-sniffing dogs detected traces of marijuana in suitcases, but all evidence of pot had somehow vanished by the time the 10-person entourage reached New Jersey -- which is a tragedy because it means he got away with being a complete jerk yet again. The fact that he isn't on his best behavior leads us all to wonder how seriously he's taking his Miami DUI bust, for which he has to stand trial on March 3, and assault charges in Toronto, for which he's scheduled to appear in court on March 10.

Maybe March will be such a busy month for Bieber that he won't have time to make more headlines? Yeah, I don't believe that either.

Considering how strict commercial airlines are about smoking and unruly passengers, I'm a little surprised and disappointed that the pilot didn't make an emergency landing and let authorities deal with Bieber after he and his comrades refused to follow directions. The fact that they were verbally abusive to a woman trying to do her job is disgusting enough, but you have to be quite an extremely disrespectful punk to risk putting someone's livelihood ahead of your need to smoke pot on a plane. The pilot had every right to land that plane and kick them off.

And what can we say about Bieber's dad? Up until now, I hadn't heard much about his parents and pictured them up in Canada shaking their heads over the ways in which their son was getting screwed up by fame. I honestly can't believe that Usher rushed to Bieber's side to try and help him, but his own dad is not only tolerating, but TAKING PART in the same destructive behavior that is bringing his son down. 

Train. Still. Out. Of. Control. I don't want to see what happens next.

What do you think of Bieber's latest antics? What should the pilot have done? How do you feel about Bieber's dad's involvement?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Melissa Springs

The pilot and crew showed courage for taking his entourage higher and higher having no means of escapen from being taken over by stoners running for cover going up in cloud of vapors shouldn't win them any frequent flying miles for leaving not smiling.

Melissa Springs

If they only had Miley on broad none of this would of happened, who loves pot and would be bustin out all over with Justin.

Immortal Illumined

the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

Domino! perry, jindel, new york, florida, alaska, obama, DC, hemp bill, nobel peace prize nomination for Uruguay(should be cali's), big week and a half

from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades, time to tie marijuana to the 2014, and 2016 elections

20 years behind us southern states, sad and scary....nobody denies freedoms like the south, nobody...even if marijuana reforms did pass the republiCANTS in charge would deny you all your freedoms, centuries of practice...no matter though, we never planned on getting your backwards brethren from day one, half the country already but not one southern state, lol...not one southern state, f u south

love and freedom forever


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