Even Chris Harrison Thinks 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Owes Clare an Apology

Clare CrawleyHow on Earth people aren't giving The Bachelor star Juan Pablo more flack today for essentially making Clare Crawley feeling like a giant skank on Monday night's episode is beyond me. I mean, the man essentially criticized her for being easy for their MUTUAL decision to get physical (although we don't know how physical) in the ocean in Vietnam. And now? Well, Chris Harrison has something to say about it.

Harrison says that Juan Pablo owes Clare an apology for making her feel cheap, and I couldn't agree more. But what drives me nuts is that this is all being chalked up to "cultural differences" and the fact that Juan Pablo's English isn't all that great.

Man ... I hate to say this because I'm 100 percent on The Bachelor train this season, but I'm starting to get sick of Juan Pablo and starting to wonder if ABC is having regrets choosing him to be season 18's leading man.

Here's the reality: Juan Pablo is dating a lot of girls at once. I'm sure that isn't easy for anyone involved. But just because he can send them home whenever he feels like it doesn't mean he can be rude to them in the process. It's like anything that Juan does is holy, and any mistakes they make are theirs to live down for the rest of all eternity.

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I understand the language barrier. I've heard that when he was on Des' season, they needed someone there to help him understand things. But even so, it's not fair to these women (read: Clare) for Juan to be rude just because "in his culture," his actions aren't wrong.

Maybe I don't know enough about Juan's cultural background. To that, I'll fully admit. But I can't be on board with a man who consents to hang out with a woman only to ridicule her for their mutual attraction the next day. In my eyes, they did the dirty -- and now he doesn't want Camilla to think her daddy's easy.

News flash, Juan Pablo, you went on a nationally televised reality dating show.

Do you think Juan Pablo owes Clare an apology?


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Sounds kind of typical of some Latin men , well, some men in general. They want to fuck you but you're a slut for doing it .The old double standard, and if she doesn't, then she's a bitch and/or lesbian.

ltc9958 ltc9958

You're just now questioning if ABC regrets their decision to have him as the bachelor? It's been pretty obvious they regretted that the second he got uninvited from the wedding. 

nonmember avatar Foster

Prima,you hit the nail dead centre on the head

nonmember avatar Donna Hrbacek

Well he did say he was wrong too. He said he should have stayed in his room. Maybe he was feeling the guilt and letting her know.

Emilee J Shaker Bercian

This has nothing to do with him being Latino. I am married to a wonderful Latino man and he would never behave like this. It is just a man being a man. He is just embarrassed by his actions so blaming whatever he can to get the light off him and onto to her. Bad choice ABC but please don't blame the nationality.

Colleen Goedecke White

i do not think he was blamming her. he was just tell ing her what they did was wrong, and they could not do it again. clare is a selfish drama queen. the way she acts you would think she is a very loose girl and she will do any thing to get what she wants.


nonmember avatar Whitney Weber

No he dose not she shouldn't of put him that situation

Bobbie Smith

Who cares this guy is a disgracefully sleaze bag. There is NOTHING more unattractive than a man who kisses and tells and on national Tv are you kidding me REALLY! Girls--you better run Des was right he is dimwitted-unintelligent and boring

Lisa Williams

He was being honest with his feelings and his own guilt...she was the one who made it about herself!

nonmember avatar Michala

No! I do not think he owes her an apology! She's the worst one on the show! I think he should have just took back her rose and sent her home. She's trashy and doesn't deserve an apology.

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