Catherine Giudici Already Finds Married Life Annoying


Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Snort. That sure didn't take long. From what I can tell, they haven't even made it all the way back to Dallas from their honeymoon yet, and already, Catherine Giudici is complaining about her marriage to Sean Lowe -- albeit it in a kind of cute and funny way.

Let's face it -- you find out about a person's quirks and habits fairly quickly after saying, "I do," especially when you never slept in the same bed with them until you were husband and wife, as is the case with Sean and Catherine.

Check out this photo she shared on Instagram.

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

I know, I know -- it's blurry and hard to make out what it's actually a picture of.

Here's how Catherine captioned it: "This is how I wake up now. Marriage is fun."

Um, she's obviously joking -- but in a totally annoyed way. Look a little closer at the photo. Yep, that's Sean's arm literally pinning her head to the bed. And something tells me it's not exactly comfortable.

Good grief. They've only been married for, like, 10 days -- and already she's finding out that being a wife isn't sunshine and roses all the time. (Particularly if your man isn't accustomed to sharing the bed.)

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Again, I'm sure Catherine was just kidding around and is perfectly happy now that she and Sean are hitched -- but it'll be interesting to see what other sorts of "funny" comments she has to share in the next few weeks as they settle into married life.

Something tells me getting into a "normal" everyday routine back in Dallas might be a bit of a wake-up call for these two.

How long did it take you after getting married before your husband started to annoy you?


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Kim Kirby Blakeman

Lived with my husband while engaged so knew his quirks before marriage...So knew the annoyances before saying I do.... but very proud of them for waiting.... til married to sleep together...

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

People are annoying. Husbands are annoying, wives are annoying. Hell, half the time I annoy myself. She's being lighthearted about it, and probably really loves saying "married". I know for the longest time, I couldn't help but smile when I talked about my husband, specifically saying "oh yeah my husband...." They're cute and falling into a routine. Quit overanalyzing and picking on them.

nonmember avatar klloyd

Ohhh. Grown sexy....

nonmember avatar Victorya

Mary Fischer is very annoying every time she wrote something in a negative way. I wonder how annoying she is around her friends and family.
Happy for Sean and Catherine. Wish them the best.

nonmember avatar Guest

Mary Fischer is at it again, being a real troublemaker with constant negative comments of Sean & Catherine. She should be removed from writing all these false articles.

nonmember avatar Victorya

Comment from WetPaint. "Catherine Giudici Shares Funny Photo in Bed With Husband Sean Lowe "

This is what you call positive Article. Mary Fischer, shame on you.


nonmember avatar Sandy Mack

I am officially not following these posts or articles anymore. Whoever writes these articles and negatively spins stories this, you are an example of what is wrong with media and celebrity coverage. You are clearly trying to make every bit of info seem negative and dramatic when it isn't. Find a real story to tell.

nonmember avatar Charity

thank goodness readers are smart nowadays! We know fact from fiction! Catherine and Sean are such lovable couple! Why cant you just write positive article that will inspire us or even an article support their marriage... Your writing speaks highly of your personality!

nonmember avatar Gloria

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