4 Arrested in Connection With Drugs Found at Philip Seymour Hoffman's House


philip seymour hoffmanLast night, four people were arrested in connection to Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, just two days after his apparent drug overdose. According to reports, police raided an apartment in Manhattan's Chinatown and arrested the individuals -- three men and one woman -- who may have sold the actor the heroin that killed him.

According to TMZ, police found nearly 350 glassine bags filled with heroin in their raid. 

The arrests were made thanks to a tip from another heroin user who called police and gave them the names and address of two dealers, saying he had seen Hoffman there buying bundles of heroin twice a week. Police did not say how the other two people arrested were involved.

The informant reportedly told police that sometimes the dealers would run out of their supply and sell Hoffman an inferior, cheaper version of the drug. We now know it wasn't the potent and dangerous new synthetic brand of heroin, fentanyl, that ended the actor's life, though the fatal dose could have been laced with fentanyl.

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One of the suspects is Robert Vineberg, a saxophone player who performed with Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, Wyclef, Tom Jones, and David Bowie. So there's another sad story of a fall from grace there: The once-successful musician for the stars who sold the heroin that killed a famous actor.

But it wasn't the heroin dealers who killed Hoffman. Arresting them (and eventually trying them) will not bring him back. Still, there is some satisfaction in these rapid arrests.

Do you think drug dealers are found and arrested this quickly whenever a less-famous person dies from an overdose?


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zandh... zandhmom2

No, I don't.  Thousands of people die every year from overdoses and because they are "no one" no one cares! It really does make me upset. What is so special about him that the police need to go out and find out who supplied him so fast?

nonmember avatar Rory G

What's so special about him is the bags had stamps on them to easily identify the dealer, as well as cell phone records. I understand that non famous people might not have as swift justice, but this guy had such a significant amount on him, and his apartment was basically a map to he dealers, how could you not go after the dealers? I also doubt PSH was the dealers only customer, so this could benefit so many others. Dealing drugs is illegal in this country. Those who break the law should be arrested.

nonmember avatar Rory G

Ok, read this article more carefully (my previous response was based on another story). The arrests were made based on a tip police received. It's not like the police had extra task forces on this case. So,some stepped up and told police what happened. Perhaps no one would have cared to do so if he wasn't famous, but that's on our society and our response to addicts, not the police.

nonmember avatar blue

No. A normal junkie wouldn't even be cared about. The famous junkies get special treatment, of course. They get idolized even though they were a crap person who cared more about a needle, than their own kids.

Taisie Taisie

"We now know it wasn't the potent and dangerous new synthetic brand of heroin, fentanyl..."

Where do you even get your info from? Fentanyl is not a "brand of heroin", it is a synthetic opioid analgesic,  like percocet, or oxycontin, just a different brand, and stronger, but not a brand of heroin.

cmw327 cmw327

Those drug dealers didn't make him buy or use the drugs.. It was his choice. He was selfish and obviously his kids were the last thing on his mind.. If you want to change you will.. Get help, go to rehab, talk with friends and family. It's a sad waste. He was a great actor and he hurt his family over drugs...

holly... hollywood222222

To those saying Philip Seymore Hoffman is getting special treatment because he's a celebrity, please sit down, as you're spouting ignorance and are completely misinformed. You don't think they do this for "normal" people? WRONG. I work in drug education and rehabilitation and assist in helping authorities capture the murderers selling these horrible drugs. There has to be evidence, something police can go off of at the scene. What is groudbreaking evidence here is the fact that people are actually willing to talk to the police, something that normally doesn't happen in "real life." In "real life," a users so called friends scatter and hide like the roaches they are, afraid to be caught. Philip, being a celebrity, probably gave a sense of awe to the particular informant; or maybe he really wanted to help. Either way, don't discredit the hard work of authorities who do want to get this stuff off the streets.

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