'Are You the One?' Recap: Can Mind Games Lead to True Love?

are you the one? mtvFinding a romantic match in a room full of 20 beautiful singles sounds like a walk in the park, right? I mean, hello -- these contestants on MTV's new dating show, Are You the One? have an opportunity to foster that perfect, undeniable chemistry that could make for a great Nicholas Sparks novel!

But what happens when you mix in some booze (thanks, MTV bartenders) with more hot people in a tropical setting? Drama. And some skinny dipping, too.

This week on Are You the One? we realized that the gorgeous group of contestants are complete boneheads when it comes to finding their perfect counterparts. Last week, they had found four matches. This week, they went down to two. Clearly, whatever connections were made just a few short days ago were no longer as sizzling.

Quick work, guys.


But perhaps the biggest airhead move came from Brooklyn boy Chris S. (the one on the left in the picture above). Last week, Chris was crushing pretty hard on Paige, but when Paige didn't choose him as her match, he was heartbroken. Or as heartbroken as one can get after a few days of knowing a person on a reality television dating show.

So this week, instead of talking to Paige like a normal person and trying to get to know her, he decided to play a little mind game. Chris asked her best friend in the house to be his date. His strategy: "Don't give her the time of day so it drives her crazy." That's a direct quote, people.

Paige, clearly, was confused and visibly offended (I mean, really dude, her best friend? That's a low blow), brought it up to other people in the house, and played riiiiiiight into his game. Obviously, he wanted her to get jealous, confess her feelings, and declare to the house that she really did want to be with him. Is this kid an evil genius or just plain evil? Either way, he got her to do exactly what he wanted.

Now, I get that sometimes it might be difficult to be vulnerable and confess feelings, but tricking people into a relationship is probably not the best way to start a romance. Especially if everything is being taped and broadcast on national television. Sorry if you're seeing this, Paige, but surprise! You've officially been played.

So congratulations, Chris. You may have gotten what you wanted. That sly, little, mid-sentence kiss showed the entire house that you and Paige were a thing, but please let the mind games end there. Or else this is the beginning of a very bizarre relationship.

Tell us, have you ever played mind games to get what you wanted in a relationship?


Image via MTV

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