'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Adam Is Still Not Ready for This Dad Thing

Adam Lind Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2There's always at least one Teen Mom 2 episode each season that makes you blubber like a baby, and this was it. If you weren't crying tonight, you were probably close. That was when you weren't shaking your head and wondering how it's been five seasons and some of these people still haven't figured out what it takes to be a parent -- namely Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska's baby daddy has baby number two on the way, and yet he still hasn't really figured out how to be a good dad to number one! Tonight he was supposed to meet Chelsea to attend a pre-school orientation meeting with Aubree's teachers. Pretty important stuff, right?

He showed ... but he was late and wearing jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off to boot. As Chelsea said, they were already the youngest parents in the room, and Adam wasn't making the best first impression. There are enough preconceived notions about teen parents; he doesn't have to go proving some of the stereotypes are right by showing up at an important meeting looking like a total slob.

Unfortunately Adam wasn't the only parent acting like an idiot tonight. Jo Rivera has been fighting Kailyn Lowry's move to Delaware to live with husband Javi on grounds that it would adversely affect the amount of time he gets to spend with his son. But when Jo was actually scheduled to have visitation, he told Kailyn he would be late, and Isaac admitted his dad isn't around much even when he's at his grandparents' house. Granted, this was coming out of a 3-year-old's mouth, so grain of salt and all of that, but Jo was clearly acting like a jerk with Kail tonight. When she dropped Isaac off, he even had the audacity to say he hoped her water broke that night -- even though she's far from her due date.

Then there's Jenelle Evans, who seems to have finally figured out that a felony on her record would hang over her head for the rest of her life. She met with attorney Dustin Sullivan (isn't it more than a little sad that this dude is a recurring cast member?) tonight and fessed up that she doesn't want to end up like her convicted felon exes. Fortunately her new guy, Nathan, does not have a record OR do drugs, and he made a good impression on Barbara at his first meeting with her and Jace.

But man, oh man, was it heartbreaking when she and Nathan tried to leave Jace. The little guy had his mom all to himself -- they were even playing cars! Then Nathan shows up, and Jenelle was all ready to say "buh bye," and Jace lost it! The 3-year-old was obviously tired, and we all know how cranky and clingy kids get when they're tired. But you just wanted to reach through the TV screen and give that kiddo some love!

The REAL tears of the night, however, were reserved for Leah Calvert and family, who got the heartbreaking news that baby Ali will land in a wheelchair sooner rather than later because of her medical condition. She knew it was coming -- I think we all knew it was coming -- but as Leah says, "I wanted to be wrong." So did we! Fortunately Ali has a huge family supporting her -- including her stepdad, Jeremy, dad Corey, and even Corey's dad Jeff who came along for the latest doctor's visit.

But seeing all of those men there, acting like real dads, only stands to show just how ridiculous Adam is. He may have been just a kid when Aubree was born, but he has had plenty of time to grow up. It's not fair to Aubree -- or the baby in his girlfriend's tummy -- that he's still too selfish to try.

What did you think of how Adam treated Chelsea at the meeting? Who is your favorite dad on the show?


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Xxxgrl Xxxgrl

Jenelle once again leave her child because getting laid will always be more important than Jace.

Xxxgrl Xxxgrl

Best dad of the bunch! Leah's ex, and her current husband. Real men. 

Baile... Bailey8307

I'm so glad Kail and Javi found eachother! Where does Joe get off saying that to her? When I saw the episode where Javi had to leave for boot camp and he cried about leaving Kailyn and Isaac and snuck in Isaac's room to give him a kiss.

I cried then! That is a father! I'm not saying Joe is not I'm just happy to see that love Javi has for his family!

Adam is my least favorite of all the dads.. But at least he showed! Would the old Adam even have done that?

nonmember avatar Sara

4 DUIs don't count as a record? One he got while dating Jenelle. There was a whole police voice recording about the whole thing! He tried to run from the cops as Jenelle sat in the car telling them they weren't on drugs they were just drunk and rushing home to have sex.

nonmember avatar Jamie

Adam's comment about "not being fake and not caring what anybody thinks" shows how immature he is. There is a difference between being fake and realizing that there are times when appropriate attire is needed and being late for a parent function, after complaining you are never invited, is unacceptable. That said, Chelsea needs to stop with the flirty swoosy behavior she has in his presence. It sends mixed signals. If they could just get on that page where they are simply parents to the same kid, not ex lovers, things might get better between them. Kudos to Chelsea for inviting him. Gosh, Jennelle. Her only hope is to spend some years being single and a mother to Jace. Only then will she figure out how to be her best person and make good choices. Thinking happiness only comes with the next boy is so immature. The most important boy in her life needs her love and attention.

nonmember avatar Jamie

My daughter once played on a soccer team with a girl who had very young parents. Their kids were the MOST polite kids one could ever meet. One time the mom told me, we were teen parents. We didn't want our kids to fit the stereotype. We have done everything possible to make sure our family doesn't fit that sterotype. They were a lovely family. Adam should at least try to understand that, but it doesn't seem like Adam tries to understand anything really other than his own needs.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Actually Adam's second baby is already born..

hutch... hutchfam2007

I for one am glad Janelle keeps getting into mischief because that attorney of hers..Mmmmmm....... glad he is a recurring cast member ;)

nonmember avatar barth gimbal

All of these people should never have had children. They are symptomatic of the collapse of our society, our educational system and our culture which basks in watching this crap. When this ridiculous show stops pouring money into MTV's bank account, these people will disappear back into their insignificant lives which based on the fact that most of them are 21 years of age now means that they will have a life time of public assistance as none of them has a job except this tragi-comedy.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

Corey is the best dad of the babies, but Randy Houska is the best dad in the world....

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