The Nastiest Thing One 'Real Housewife' Can Do to Another (VIDEO)


Wow. Here I thought that this week might be slow due to The Real Housewives of Atlanta being pre-empted by the Super Bowl. Um. No. I've caught up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as well as continuing to branch out into other programming. This week, I take on Teen Mom 2 and Dance Moms. And of course, the divorce that everyone's talking about. Why have I been silent?

This week I saw a few tried and true behind-the-scenes reality TV strategies. On Beverly Hills, we saw "Compare and Contrast," with Gigi Hadid, daughter of Yolanda Foster, and Kimberly Jackson, daughter of Kim Richards, heading off to college. One took painting, the other painted her body, getting a matching tattoo with her mom. Which would you rather?

We also see the "Event Power Play," with Lisa Vanderpump canceling on Yolanda with literally two minutes to spare -- but in this week's exclusive video below, I discuss why that might be a smart move on Lisa's part for Vanderpump Rules, even if it is mean. On the VPR front, I talk meshing the two shows, and why Lisa would have wanted her SUR waitstaff as far from her Housewives' party as possible. If you want a hint, think "Before and After Reality Stardom."

Another trick I saw this week, and one of the dirtiest ones in the book, I think, is "Turning a Lie Into the Truth." If you want to know what I mean, scroll down and watch!! It's really, really awful.

It's well documented that before I was a Housewife or a Couples Therapy participant, I had never watched reality TV. Ever. So it's with the eyes of a worker, not a viewer, that I'm branching out into other series. This week, I took on Dance Moms, and would you believe I found some common ground between Abby Miller and Lisa Vanderpump?? And oh MY. I saw the new season of Teen Mom 2. What did I think MTV's popular teen pregnancy show did better than the Dance Moms or the Housewives this week?

the singers

Finally, I heard you. Many have been asking me to weigh in on the reports of Ramona Singer splitting from Mario. In today's video I explain the path I've chosen there, as well as the implications for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York City. Join me!

Are you surprised by Ramona and Mario's split?

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nonmember avatar M Brown

Thanks for explaining all the behind the scene details that go into planning these reality shows, like the calendar changes.

I only watch the housewife shows and you confirmed that it has been awhile since I've seen NYC housewives. I don't remember who is still on the show. Glad Ramona is still on, and I hope Sonia is still there too.

ladyj... ladyjayne9

I am sick of the wicaan and i am english.. she is looing for an argument..not susurprised about mario.. he has a roving eye and she would drive a snake away.. hmm guess she did..!!

Marsha Kepler

Carlton makes me sick! Vanderpump rules is crazy. I wonder if Tom and Kristen are still together. Your doing an excellent job. Look forward to it weekly.

Betsy Gersley

Don't watch Teen mom or Dance Mom, try The Wahlburgers, its in no way a"mean" reality show and I really the mom...

Elaine Leirer

Not surprised, Mario is cowed by Ramona's business acumen.  He needs someone to treat him like the big kahuna.

Claire Sherman

Continue reviewing Mob Wives. :-)

nonmember avatar Stine

Hi , Alex ! Im watching The Rhony from norway and you are a great woman !:)

Judy Tearney

Seems you found your nitch, good job..

nonmember avatar maryann

Wow, Alex, really great job! Carlton is just looking for a storyline, or any line. Not a fan of Kyle's but, I think Carlton is just out for blood. Lisa missing Yo's painting party, really? On a calendr or not, business is business. Plus the painting party should of been with family and friends of Gigi's NOT people from a show. How blah! Dance Moms is crazy, never cared for it. Teen Moms is beyond words.

Your words about Ramona and Mario are right on the money! It's really a shame. Jill should keep her nose out of it. She's so pathetic!

Would you please put a link to the Stir on Sulia?

nonmember avatar MS

I am so relieved that you took a neutral stance about Ramona and Mario. So sad. I hope they can work it out. Would love more about RHOBH and VPR. Not a fan of teen mom, dance moms or mob wives...but that's just me. I come here for the housewives and behind the scenes info you share. Thank you!

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