Shocking ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Finale Confession Changes Everything


Kristen doute If you watched the Vanderpump Rules finale last night, then you already know this: The show basically exploded. After a 'meh' first season, the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spin-off that follows employees at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant SUR was maybe the best reality T.V. I've seen in a very, very long time.

Last night was chock-full of shocking morsels. The biggest? After denying it all season, Kristen Doute finally admitted to her former best friend, Stassi Schroeder, that she had sex with her (TOTALLY SOCIOPATHIC) ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor. It was the truth bomb heard 'round the world. Even Stassi didn't see it coming! She was ready to make fake-nice with Kristen after slapping her the week before -- the last thing she expected to hear out of Kristen's mouth after so many lies was the truth.

I cannot imagine having to work at SUR after hearing all these revelations! It looks like Stassi felt the same way since she's high-tailed it from L.A. to New York! What does this mean for the show?! God-willing it means that Stassi is getting her own spin-off and/or that Lisa Vanderpump is opening a restaurant in New York. If this is true, then I am dead and blogging in heaven.

Rumor has it that Stassi actually relocated because of a dude she's dating ... but a girl can dream, right? Do you blame her for seeking a fresh start after the chaos of this season? You know who else needs a fresh start? TOM SANDOVAL. I can't believe Jax just burned their friendship to the ground the way he did. Also, what kind of Jedi mind powers does Kristen have that Tom actually stood by her at Scheana Marie's engagement party?! I would have been gone with the wind, flipping her off as I went. So much juice this show has! I cannot wait for the reunion

Are you going to watch the Vanderpump Rules reunion?


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nonmember avatar ClassyGurl

LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE that Tom knocked the crap out of Jax. Jax is a psycho- as is Kristen AND Katie. Please tell me they are coming back for a 3rd season!!??!!

Etta Samples-Bredeson

OMG !!! Please don't give Stassi her own show her head is big enough and if she has any chance of having a future with anyone she needs to just stay off TV.... p.s. I also LOVE LOVE the fact that Tom punched Jax too bad her didn't get a better hit in ..., That Jax is a scum bag looser and needs to have his manhood chopped off !!!! I bet they use his face on a poster @ the VD

Etta Samples-Bredeson

and Kristen is just a Hoe plain and simple.... Tom said that she had done this in the past .. Their relationship was doomed form the beginning .. They are both cheaters so no wonder Jax and them were friends.. Birds of a feather flock together....

Janice Roy

If you talk about Starcy one more time I will make it a point to turn the chanel she is the biggest cunt! I ever meet! This was a bout SUR not the drama! don't you think there is enough in the Beverly Hills? Starcy is not good for ratings! She is the Cunt that people want to hurt!That does not make for good Publicity! for Sur! I would not go to your asstablishment because of her!I belive in publicity but you've gone to far with that bitch!

nonmember avatar Patti

And what does any if this have to do with running a restaurant? Stasi is the biggest drama queen on television. Be careful what you keep asking for, you just might get it.

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

I do not watch it every time it is on, but when I watch it just for fun, OMG... There is more Drama there then on the RHOBH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Mitchell

I hope Stassi is gone forever - I stopped watching the show because I can not stand her.

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

OK, now " Who did not have sex or any other thing going with Jax " 

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