Jenelle Evans Fires Back at Farrah Abraham With the Painful Truth

jenelle evansRecently, Farrah Abraham said some rude things about Jenelle Evans' pregnancy. Although she "wasn't judging," she basically said that Jenelle, who doesn't have custody of her son Jace, is in no position to be popping out another kid. Farrah basically echoed the world's collective sentiment, even though she herself isn't exactly in a place to cast stones. And now Jenelle is firing back at Farrah, as we knew she would.

You know, I, too, question Jenelle's decision to have another baby, being that she's, to put it scientifically, a giant yahoo, but the girl makes some points. Some points that oughta shut Farrah Abraham the hell up at the very least.

Jenelle said:

"She is speaking out on her opinion of my life, and my decision to have another child. My advice is that Farrah should get her own house in order, before giving out advice on my life." She then added, "Girl ... I wouldn't be even talking ... I have a solid foundation as of now, but do u? U might have money but u r backtracking. U pawn ur child off to ur mother where as I'm stepping up to take care of mine. I have the financial support this family needs."

I mean, aside from the fact that Jenelle felt the need to use "u" instead of "you," I kind of respect what she's saying. And there's definitely some weight to her argument. She's by no means a model parent, but she seems to be making more of an effort with Jace these days, while Farrah seems to be with her daughter less and less. Farrah may have custody of Sophia, but really, how much more does she see her than Jenelle sees Jace? Farrah's constantly out at night club appearances, weird expos, etc. She's not exactly one to talk about "solid foundations."

I don't suspect the fight between Farrah and Jenelle will end any time soon, as both ladies heart being in the spotlight. But Farrah better come up with a good comeback to Jenelle if she hopes to not come off looking like a complete hypocrite.

Whose side are you on: Farrah's or Jenelle's?


Image via Jenelle Evans

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Alyssa Christiansen

I think that out of all the teen moms; Janelle and Farrah are both terrible. But I do have to say Farrah is way way way worse then Janelle!

Lo428 Lo428

Umm..Jenelle has been pawning her child off on her mother for years. They're both just loser trash who should never have had kids. At least Farrah was smart enough to not have another one.

Whisk... WhiskeyTangoFox

That's because Farrah can't keep a man long enough to conceive a baby.

Dana Sheppard Gibson

I am glad Jenelle stepped up and defened herself....She may not have custody of Jace but she has been stepping up a lot more and seems to have her head on straight.  Farrah shold look at her lifestyle before she judges someone else!

nonmember avatar Lauren

Jenelle is messed up and did the right thing and signed her kid over to her mom because she knew she wasn't capable of taking care him. She was all up in drugs and had a sickness. She realized her problems and is legit trying to better herself, sure she falls down but she always picks herself up. Farrah is just a hot mess. Trying to get attention....imagine if you were in their shoes. Everyone is judging your every move. I'm sure we all have skeletons we wish would remain in the closet. Unfortunately for them their skeleton come out for all of the world to see.

nonmember avatar Kenzie

Farrah is a piece of shit mother too , so sh has no right what so ever to be talkin about janelle , yea janelle signed her rights over but that's what was right for her child .. To my knowledge janelle has jace a lot but look at Farrah she's goin out to clubs and shit ... At least janelle doesn't ! So Farrah needs to make sure she's a good mom before she starts trash talkin someone else , nd yeah some of you guys might not agree with janelle having another baby but she's grown let her do her , do y'all have to talk shit bout her to make u feel better about yourself ? I'm on janelles side .

Amy Duke

Jenelle is at least trying and she isn't tha 1 whom did a sex tape for tha world to see and I must say it SUCKED.....but jenelle did love jace enough to sign him over to Barbara so he could have tha life she couldn't give him and to me that makes her tha better mother

nonmember avatar Shannon

I agree Alyssa; they both are terrible but I'm team Jenelle, Farrah is a way worse mom than Jenelle at least Jenelle tries to see her son (weather so does or doesn't get to see him) while Farrah is out in the world partying, making sex tapes, making sex toys and being on some dating/relationship help show on MTV trying to help with her dating rather than spending time with her daughter! I mean what is Sopiah gunna think of her mom whenever she sees everything her mom had done? I know Jenelle did drugs and I don't condone that but at least she did do a good this and sign Jace over to her mom! Does Jenelle need to get her act together yes, but Farrah needs more than Jenelle!

nonmember avatar Heather

I am so proud of you Jenelle! I havent always liked what you have done and the choices you have made, But at the end of the show I still always liked you. Proud that your standing up for your self and being so much more involved with your Son who is SO Handsome, and what a personality:D. As far as Farrah... I hate that your in the public eye.. I think the worst thing MTV did was allow you on the 16 & Pregnant and then Teen Mom. You are selfish, a bold face liar and you SUCK at it, you try to manipulate every situation to make someone pitty you, even though your doing everything you possiably can to be in the center if not the WHOLE entire spotlight. Your a joke and you need some serious counseling other than Couples Therapy since your boyfriend was a set up to get more publicity on your fake everything. Your a joke Farrah and all you do is make me laugh at your life. Sure people have horriable things happen in their life my self included... going to 10 funerals for family and friends who have died or commited suicide before i waas 18 years old. I dont seek pitty i make the most of my life and do good for self and for my family and community. Please get help and stop talking shit about people when there are more people that will defend Jenelle and her progress then your life which seems to be always a hot mess...

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