Juan Pablo's 'Excuse' for Crushing Clare's Feelings Is Getting Really Old

Clare Crawley

Wow. Am I the only one who is still kind of in awe over what went down on last night's episode of The Bachelor? Uh. I feel so freakin' bad for Clare, I'm not even sure where to begin. Regardless of whether she's a favorite of yours or not -- Juan Pablo really hurt her feelings after presumably having some sort of sexual contact with her in the ocean, only to turn around and tell her doing whatever the hell they did set a bad example for his daughter Camila.

I mean, there's really nothing worse than letting a dude have his way with you only to have him tell you how much he regrets it the next day. (Ouch.)

Heck, even Chris Harrison admits Juan Pablo made Clare feel cheap -- though he does offer a perfectly reasonable excuse for why things went sour with their conversation at the cocktail party.

Duh. That damn language barrier got him into a pickle again. First there was the whole "misunderstanding" about the comments he made in reference to gay people. Now he went and inadvertently called someone a slut -- even though that's SO not what he meant. What's next? Knocking up one of the ladies and then insisting there's no way it can be his baby because he doesn't understand what she's telling him? (I know that's extreme. But you get my point.)

While I do agree that his English is a little rusty, which definitely makes some of his words come out all wrong -- he can't rely on the language barrier excuse forever. 

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Last time I checked, (ok, so I really didn't check, but whatever) -- sex is kind of the same regardless of what your primary language is. And in the best case scenario, you hope that whoever you get it on with will be happy about it and won't try to backpedal or take away from the experience -- especially after willingly entertaining it.

Poor Clare. It's already bad enough that she knows Juan Pablo regrets their little nighttime swim. Can you imagine just how shitty she's going to feel if he doesn't pick her in the end? (Burn.)

Do you think the language barrier is making things harder for Juan Pablo?


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Jacee... Jacee2348

I think the fact that he's a jerk is making it hard on Juan Pablo.  I don't care for him at all, especially after last night.

youth... youthfulsoul

I agree. He should have kept his feelings of guilt to himself. Instead he laid his crap on her and made her feel badly about it. I'd have left if I were her.

Frost... FrostyMelted

He's trash. Just deport him.

Sheila Hill

l;m glad l;m not the only one that felt Pablo was a pig and l;m surprised Clair didn't just walk away. Clair in my eye has always been my favorate and l don't think if he picked her it would last if he continued to talk to her this way: which we all know he would.

Lydia Duschkanits

First of all Camilla will only see that they went swimming, the rest is not shown and only assumed.

nonmember avatar Aktoothfairy

Language barrier? For god sakes he's lived in the United States for how long? Since college. As far as I saw, he was 100% on board with Clare!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

FrostyMelted, he's American. He was born in NY and raised in Venezuela. But I agree, he is trash. This season is probably the worst I've seen (I have not seen all of the seasons).

nonmember avatar Aktoothfairy

Oh yeah! And how about when he took her to his suite and went swimming and left all the other girls waiting. That showed more then the ocean. What a pig

Darlene Lauer

It takes two Dirty bag....... Like you where not enjoying it at the time...... Get over yourself.

Donna Corbosiero Marks

And this is her way of getting chosen to be the bachlorette.She is no dummy...

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