Kate Middleton Has the Best Advice for Prince Harry

kate middleton talking to prince harry prince william zara tindall weddingRumors that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas' relationship is on the rocks have been flying like crazy for weeks, but there's not much truth there, according to British tabloid Look. Instead, Wills' lil' bro has reportedly been turning to his sister-in-law Kate Middleton for advice, because he's struggling with his relationship being frenetically covered in the media.

"Kate knows all too well how damaging false reports can be. So she urged them to show the world they were still going strong before the story snowballed," a source tells Look. Sounds like sage advice! And we'd expect no less from the Duchess, who has always seemed like a sweet, supportive sister and sister-in-law. Unfortunately, other reports claim that Harry's being nudged in a very different direction by father Prince Charles ...

Apparently, Charles wants Harry to break up with Cressida after her stepfather allegedly committed suicide. Ugh. “Harry had a meltdown after his father told him to ‘back off’ from Cress because of her family problems,” a source said. “Charles has been thrilled that the royal family’s credibility was restored after Prince William married Kate Middleton and (their son) Prince George was born. Charles doesn’t want Cress’ family problems to cost them all that good will.”

The source continued, "Harry told his dad he loves Cressida, but Charles isn’t sure she’s royal material. Harry is under huge pressure to dump her, and friends say he’s ‘broken in two’ at being torn between his family and his lover.”

Ouch! That is crazy and awful if it is true. I can't even imagine how Prince Charles could feel it was okay to steer Harry away from a woman he's in love with, considering what he went through with Camilla. In fact, this story seems almost too much like history repeating itself for it to be true.

Either way, let's hope that no matter who he's getting advice from, Harry follows his heart when it comes to Cressida. Royal or not, he's getting too old to be told what to do.

Do you think there's any truth to the story about Charles encouraging Harry to dump Cressida?


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waity... waitykate


Like how it took 10 years for her and her mother to finally bag William.

How she never really had a job for any length of time whatsoever.

How she usually does no more than an appearance or two a MONTH. Despite a nanny and staff. Despite the fact that public duties help people and they only take a few hours....

And how she did nothing all January then took a vacation in Mustique.

And how LOL, the Queen finally had to tell her to start dressing like an adult ! ha ha ha ha

Harry doesn't need Duchess Dolittle telling him anything.  Dolittle just left William, to go off on vacation without him !  And she went out and partied on New Years Eve without him !  Is that a marriage ?  LOL

nonmember avatar Charles Eric

i disagree with prince charles i do not want to hurt prince harry's heart i really want them married i do not understand why prince charles told his son that it is not prince charles business prince harry is in love

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