Farrah Abraham Slams 'Teen Mom' Costar But 'Isn't Judging' -- Yeah Right

farrah abrahamAs far as moms go, it's hard to say who's, well, worse: Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham. Although Farrah technically has custody of her daughter, Sophia, I wouldn't exactly call her a pillar of the parenting community. But then there's Jenelle who doesn't have custody of her kid and who's expecting her second with a dude while she's still technically married to another dude. Neither situation is ideal. I suppose I'd say that ... Farrah is the lesser of two evils? But still. I certainly don't think she's one to talk about Jenelle's parenting skills. I mean, if she wasn't making pornos and constantly away from her daughter, it'd be one thing. But she's not. So maybe she should shut her pie hole?

When Farrah was asked what she thought of Jenelle's pregancy, she said:

All I've said is congratulations to that and I hope she knows what she's doing. Because when you have two little people to take care of and you can't take care of your own responsibilities ... I don't want to sound like I'm judging anybody and I only want to wish her the healthiest, happiest pregnancy and to be a great mom, but in the same sense you can't keep having children and not having a foundation.

Words o' wisdom from Farrah Abraham, everyone. I mean, I understand what Farrah is saying; she isn't completely wrong in thinking that Jenelle is a little bonkers for having another child when the law says she isn't qualified to take care of the one she has, buuuuut ... people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, know what I'm saying? Also, it's worth noting that it sounds kind of idiotic to say, "I don't want to sound like I'm judging anybody" when you're in the middle of judging someone.

Hopefully, Jenelle will find her "foundation" this time 'round. It would be a shame if she had yet another child who wound up being raised under her mother's care. And at the same time, let's hope Farrah stops judging other people's parenting. Or, you know, puts herself in a position where she has a right to judge.

Do you think Farrah's comments were out of line?


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N_mar... N_maricle

I don't thnk they are out of line... Farrah is no angel, but at least she has custody of her child seems to be trying hard to be a good mom for her. Jenelle has no business creating more kids when she's not even parenting the one she has already.

nonmember avatar D.

Uh Farrah is no saint, but I'm pretty sure she isn't nearly as familiar with the criminal justice system as Jenelle is. It's not that hard to decide who's the "lesser of two evils" is in this case.

nonmember avatar ty

Absolutely. She "thinks" she is a great mom, but not so. I'm sure she's learned a lot since she became a mother but she still has a lot to learn. Neither she nor Janelle are good parents.

Samantha Triffitt

She has a fair point. I don't think she was being a bitch, she was just saying what the rest of us were thinking.

nonmember avatar jeana

I'm going to need the porn star to take several seats...Janelle shouldn't be having anymore kids, true, but on the same token if you aren't the shining example of a mother you probably shouldn't be judging another. Let he without sin cast the first stone, another words Farrah, worry about yourself!!

nonmember avatar nope

Janelle shots on Farrah. At least Jenelle is with her son now and spends a lot of time with him, all Farrah is worried about it doing porn and being ignorant.

L.I.M... L.I.MOMMY1980

I agree with farrah on that one jenelle is a crappy mother.

nonmember avatar Kim.

I think farrah has zero room to talk. She leaves her daughter almost always. For weeks months at a time. That's hardly a real mother. The law didn't make jenelle give up her rights. She signed over the rights herself. At least she made one smart move. He'll farrah should have done the same. It's no one's business if jenelle wants to have another baby or not. Lots of people have abortions. Doesn't mean they can never try and have another baby. Not saying jenelle is a good mother. Or isn't a total mess. But out of all the teen mom's farrah shouldn't be talking.

nonmember avatar ms peach

The way i see it, none of them should have anything to say they both need a few lessons on parenting yea jenelle had an issue with drugs but Farrah is the one selling herself In ways that can be questioned. No one knows the ins and outs of parenting but to come out and judge a persons personal demon is beyond stupid, at least someone is there to keep her son on the right track. I dont see anyone teaching and looking out for farrahs daughter guess in a few years he daughter will b on the same level having kids young. Her situation screams the blind leading the blind

Brook... BrookfieldBitch

As much as people pass judgment, most of the time Farrah is away from her kid she's working. Yes, porn and reality tv are jobs (maybe not the most pc of jobs....but she's making a living). Jenelle is just trash. She hops from guy to guy, doesn't have custody of her one child, neither works or goes to school. She's been arrested more times then all the other Teen Moms put together....seesh. I hope she really has changed for the kids sake.

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