Former 'Bachelorette' Bad Boy Finally Finds Himself a 'Trophy Wife'

Ryan BowersWell, well, well. I guess one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Or at least that's what we can assume considering Ryan Bowers is engaged. Oh come on ... you remember Ryan, right?

Allow me to refresh your memory a bit. He's the dude who appeared on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette -- and flat-out told her he was looking for a trophy wife and that he'd be appalled if she ever got fat after they tied the knot. You know, because he wants a wife who takes care of herself and refuses to let herself go by getting bigger than a size 2. (Or whatever.)

And now Ana Christina Rodriguez is officially the lucky lady who Ryan gets to wear on his arm as a trophy. Yes, I'm using that word again, because duh -- even Ryan referred to her as just that after they got engaged. He posted a photo of himself holding her ring to Instagram and captioned it with, "Moments before @anachristinarod arrived last night. She said yes to becoming my trophy wife!!"


Damn. What a lucky gal to score such a gem of a man. Hopefully they really are madly in love and will live happily ever after and all that jazz -- but let's just hope Ryan doesn't take the trophy wife thing too far; otherwise, they could both be in for a very rude awakening down the road.

As gorgeous as Ana Christina is, not every single moment of marriage is picture perfect. Like when everyone in your house is suffering through a bout of the stomach bug. Or when you're so swollen from pregnancy that you can't see your ankles anymore. Or the first time your baby has a middle of the night diaper explosion that winds up all over you instead of the changing table.

Sure, the "trophy wife" thing is somewhat endearing. But if Ryan is truly in love with this woman for all the right reasons, he'll see her as a prize even on days when she's not looking or feeling her best.

On that note ... congrats to the happy couple?

Do you think Ryan and Ana will last?


Image via Twitter

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nonmember avatar Karen

This guy is so full of himself I feel sorry for her. He is no trophy either so I dint know why he expects one s significant other to be one

Jacee... Jacee2348

As arrogant as he was (is), at the very least, he is honest!  To a fault!  LOL  But the guy was kind of humorous on the show.  Hey, she knows what she's getting into so she can't complain!  :)

Laura Bugg Power

Ryan and Ana are wonderful people. I know them personally. For you to trash talk people you don't know is shameful. They are both amazing and genuine.
I will gladly stand up for Ryan and Ana anyday.

Margaret Hooper

NO, Ryan is such a dick & he should stand in front of the mirror & take a long look at himself & listen to all the shit that rolls off his stupid tongue

nonmember avatar Meallthetime

I agree with Laurabugg. They are awesome people. Ana can put Ryan in his place when he needs it (and sometimes he does). The whole trophy thing was blown way out of proportion. Who cares what others think. Congrats you two! Love y'all both!!!

nonmember avatar Holly

Ryan is such a dick & no trophy himself! If she thinks he's a 'trophy,' they are made for each other!

Carmela Aloe

Will not last wait til she gets pregnant

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