10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 (VIDEOS)

Budweiser welcome home soldier commercialSuper Bowl XLVIII did not disappoint ... did not disappoint the commercials lovers, that is (sorry Broncos fans). Considering advertisers ponied up some $4 million for a 30-second spot in the middle of the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos matchup, they owed it to themselves to get it right.

From an 80s invasion of Radio Shack to Budweiser's weepy ode to a soldier's return home from war, this year's best Super Bowl commercials certainly kept us entertained as the Seahawks totally overwhelmed the Broncos.

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1. Doritos -- Sometimes a kid's got to do what a kid's got to do ... like tricking an adult that they've found the secret to powering a time machine with chips:

2. Radio Shack -- The '80s called, and they're driving off with the store on the back of a DeLorean!

3. Intuit Quickbooks/GoldieBlox -- Let's hear it for small business and girl power! GoldieBlox won a contest to have their ad funded by the software firm, and it is a perfect antidote to the typically testosterone-heavy Super Bowl ad-stravaganza:

4. Cheerios -- It may have caused a political firestorm earlier in the week, but the breakfast cereal's sweet ad still pulled some heartstrings:

5. Hyundai -- Is there anything more terrifying than a teenage driver? Good thing this dad's got a sixth sense for when his son's about to screw up!

6. Volkswagen -- Ever wonder what happens when a car hits 200,000 miles? Let's just say there's something about butts and rainbows ...

7. Audi -- Sarah McLachlan poked fun at her heartbreaking animal rescue ads in Audi's "doberhauhua" ad with hilarious results:

8. Budweiser -- Welcoming home Lt. Chuck Nadd from his service overseas, the beer company made one soldier's homecoming and one commercial unforgettable:

9. Coca-Cola -- The American melting pot is celebrated in a haunting ad from the soda company:

10. Chrysler -- Motor City pulled out all the stops and got Bob Dylan to wax poetic about American pride:

Which commercial was your favorite?


Image via Budweiser/YouTube

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Kattey Kattey

I'm really disheartened at all the hate the Coke add has gotten. I thought they were pretty good.

Marcella Shambles

I would have liked the VW commecial better if there had been a least one female engineer........the only girls were the daughter and the lady in the elevator who got her butt hit by the wings

nekoy... nekoyukidoll

loved the Jaguar British villains one.  Oh yes, it is good to be bad

nonmember avatar Jackie

Wow, thanks Audi for reinforcing the stereotype about Dobermans smh....

youth... youthfulsoul

The Budweiser puppy one was cute. Didn't make this list though.

Traci Tsakiris

I agree with  Marcella! I was thinking the same thing as I watched. And what was it with the guy at the urinal w/ the small wings? Small dick joke??

nonmember avatar JF

plenty of liberal white-trash feminazi propaganda in alot of the SB spot this year no wonder you liked them

lulou lulou

For all that 3 tries to promote, we still have 6 and JF.

Railr... RailroadGirl

I was highly disappointed at the commercials this year. Not one of them really stands out as great. I was excited to see what was going to happen yellow M&M and that's what I got. Awesome game, awesome half time crappy commercials.

casti... castinghub

They had some great commercials this year!

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