Kim Kardashian Changes Hair Color Again & Hints at Other Big Changes

kim kardashianKim Kardashian posted a ridiculously gorgeous photo to Instagram which has left many of us wondering what in the world she is talking about with her caption. It's not the first time the general public has scratched their collective heads over what Kim was saying, so it's kind of expected. She wrote .... "I'm back."

What exactly is that supposed to mean? She's back? Where has she been? Blonde? Kanyeville? Yes, we knew that. But what does this mean? What could it mean? I'll tell you what it means.

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Probably nothing. Maybe everything. You've been Kardashianed!

Maybe it's that she feels like she's back as in her body feels more like it was prior to having a baby, maybe it's the fact that she just generally feels more like herself, she's in this motherhood groove thing, settled into who she really is. Or maybe, just maybe it simply means she has her brown hair back. The blonde is gone replaced by some super warm honey brown tones. Since she's a Kardashian, you don't just go and have your hair did without making a big production about it. In this case, a devastatingly gorgeous selfie showing off perfect locks, and duck face lips. How does someone pull that off and look awesome? The duck face, I'm talking about here. Anyone? Anyone?

I love the look. It makes her appear less Beyonce and more Kim K. "I'm back." Yeah, she is. What's next? I guess we'll see.

What do you think of Kim's new/old look? Happy the blonde is gone?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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2nino... 2ninos4me

I'm glad she died her hair again because her blonde hait took away from her beauty . She looked fugly

Leila... LeilaBeansMom

Why does anyone care about these people?!?

marci... marcie1455

The darker hair is pretty

nonmember avatar CocoaBabe

Gorgeous. She matches her baby's hair now. Looks so natural.

nonmember avatar Natalie

She seems miserable anymore. She can do better thank ante.

nonmember avatar pat

She means that I am back to trying to be like BEYONCE size 2 in clothing. This is why she is only show her face for now. I BET SHE COME OUT TRYING TO BE QUEEN B SIZE. Watch what I say!!

Yolie Scott

As I have always said before regarding KK, who really cares.

Looki... Looking4Truth

Come on Michele!  Have you forgotten your grammar?  Here's what you wrote:  "you don't just go and have your hair did without making a big production about it."  Go and have your hair did?  Really?  You need a proofreader!  As to the article, who cares what Kim K does?  Reality "stars" are not stars in my opinion. They don't deserve anyone's worship.

Coles... Coles_mom

@looking4truth..."have your hair did" is a very very common slang term these days. It's what all of my friends say when they go to the salon. Why? No clue. I don't personally say it, but I guarantee you the author constructed that sentence on purpose.

hello... hellokd87

I love her dark hair!! Mostly because I like to emulatethe Kdash's hairstyles but I wasn't feeling the blonde OR the ombre Khloe was rocking!

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