Amanda Bynes' Latest Outing Proves How Far She's Come

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes' last tweet was July 19, 2013. Since then she's been mostly in a psychiatric facility getting treated for what was reported to be schizophrenia. She then moved to a treatement center and was finally released to her mother's care in December. Since then, she has laid low, getting a tattoo removed, working out regularly, continuing with her treatment, and staying off Twitter! I didn't know if I'd ever see the day, but it seems Amanda has turned it around. She also enrolled in fashion school.

Pictures of Amanda carrying a bag of school supplies and standing in the lobby of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, California, show her looking just like any other student.

She wears faded jeans, a black T-shirt, and black shoes. She's got her hair long and blonde, and if it's a wig, it's at least on her head and not slipping down her face like the wigs of yore.

Amanda now reportedly lives at home with her parents. She is one extremely fortunate girl to have two parents who cared about her this much and who had the resources to help her out. There are many people in psych wards who do not belong there and do not have anyone on the outside helping them get out.

Kudos also to Amanda for cooperating with help. Because it doesn't matter how many people try to help you -- if you won't help yourself too, nothing can be done.

Reportedly, Amanda enrolled in design courses as part of her recovery plan, but she also probably just enjoys fashion. Maybe she will even start a fashion company one of these days.

Just because Amanda is doing well doesn't mean she always will, of course. She needs to keep up her treatment, her therapy, her medication, and always be vigilant to the signs of relapse. Would probably help if she stayed away from Twitter wars too.

I hope that her classmates let her live her life and aren't always secretly taking video and pics of her in class. I do hope one day Amanda tells her story because I think it would be really helpful to other people in similar situations.

Have you ever needed mental health care and did you get it?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar mel

I hope she learns how to dress herself.

bills... billsfan1104

I love how many of you Stir Writers, made fun of her and accused her of many things. Now you support her.

I think many of you, owe her an apology.

Judy Tarver

Really?  You chastise someone with the worst mental illness in the world?   Does anyone research anything?????   You expect a lot from someone who has a hard time just making it through the day.

marci... marcie1455

She never has any privacy. I would hate that, especially while she's trying to get her life in order. Wish media would back off her right now.

nonmember avatar sh

Amanda Bynes is still on twitter. Sam Lufti and 3 other friends are foloowing the account

nonmember avatar sh

Amanda Bynes is still on twitter. Sam Lufti and 3 other friends are foloowing the account

nonmember avatar Liz


Where are these 'facts' in this article coming from?

'Seems Amanda has turned it around'? The girl is seriously mentally ill. You make it sound like this was an easy choice that she was just avoiding...Newsflash, not how illness works, especially mental illness.

'Many people on psych wards who do not belong there with no one to help them get out'- do you think this is 1960? Psych wards are in fact UNDER funded and those who need to be put in long term care often cannot get it. Many people who need 24 hour care are often refused and end up homeless. You have this totally backwards.

And again, 'kudos to her for cooperating'. She didn't cooperate, her parents had to go to court. She's ill. She's doing what she's told, and it's starting to pay off. There's no need for a value judgement.

'She probably just enjoys fashion' - Says who? You?

This entire article paints you as an expert on social issues, medicine, and of course, Amanda Bynes- but you clearly haven't done your homework on any of these things. If you want to write an opinion article, try making sure that you actually clarify that it's YOUR opinion, and not stating them as facts.

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