Miley Cyrus & Robin Thick Mired in Simmering Feud

miley cyrusApparently someone is still holding a grudge after a certain twerking incident from the summer. An insider says Robin Thicke still resents Miley Cyrus for "hijacking" their VMA performance. And Miley resents Robin for not defending her performance. She feels like he "threw her under the bus." Supposedly Robin is "jealous that Miley's career took off after that," apparently unaware that Miley's career took off long before the awards show. (Perhaps he's familiar with a little outfit called Disney? Oh never mind.) Anyway, apparently the two have been avoiding each other ever since. 

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An onlooker saw the two at a pre-Grammy party last week and claims they never so much as said boo to each other, even though they were seated just a few tables apart. Robin had last squirmed over Miley's twerkariffic performance back in October, when he described himself as a victim to Oprah Winfrey, of all people. But is Robin really that mad?

Thicke also told Vanity Fair this fall, "Everybody knows who I am now because I let Miley Cyrus twerk in front of me on the MTV awards." He said he'd spent his whole career being a gentleman and then THIS happened ... like he wasn't gyrating with nude models in his video for "Blurred Lines" that very same summer. Apparently Robin still has mixed feelings about the whole thing.

How much longer will people be talking about that VMA performance -- when will it end?!?


Image via Splash News

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Jai Hutto

Every one WAS over that whole thing...UNTIL HE BROUGHT IT UP AGAIN! That dude is such a douche bag. He needs to put on his big boy pants and get the hell over it. Whether you're a Miley fan or not every one knows that she was famous way before she ever twerked in front of him. No one FORCED him to stand there, he did that voluntarily and by the look on his face he was enjoying himself thouroughly. What a whiny little bitch.

nonmember avatar justme

Am I the only one that hates the word twerk?

mrsary mrsary

Isn't it Thicke and not Thick? Pretty pic of Miley BTW.

Su Ann Yip

He stated in an interview that it was rehearsed. But that's show business for you.

nonmember avatar Kara H.

Justme: Im with with on this, i cant stand the word twerk.

I just want this whole twerking miley cyrus , robin thicke thing to go away! It was embarrassing to watch even on you tube by myself .

there... theresaphilly

I wonder who sold the most albums and received the most awards? I am not talking about the hype, I am talking about hard core talent.

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