Dean McDermott Admits to Cheating & It's Even Worse Than We Imagined

Tori Spelling

Here we've all been feeling sorry for Tori Spelling because her husband, Dean McDermott, supposedly cheated on her with a woman he met in a Toronto hotel, but in reality we should have felt very, very, very sorry for her. Because the latest rumor is that Dean not only cheated on her with Emily Goodhand, the woman who sold her story to a tab about cheating with Dean a couple of months ago, but Dean supposedly confessed that he'd cheated with no less than five women in the past two years. Five! And it gets worse ...


Check out what this source had to say to RadarOnline:

He was forced to finally admit the truth to Tori. Making matters worse, Dean admitted to not always using protection during the encounters. It’s the ultimate betrayal for Tori and she probably won’t be able to ever forgive him for that. It’s one thing to cheat, but another to have unprotected sex.

Great golly horsefeathers, Dean, what the HELL is your problem? Not only cheating with multiple women (supposedly!) but not using protection?! This man knows he has super sperm that can fertilize an egg from 100 paces, why on EARTH would he take that risk?

Cheating is a hugely disrespectful act -- but it's even more disrespectful when you take the chance that you might pick up an STD to pass along to your spouse. And I absolutely know people this has happened to. It's just the ultimate "F you" to your spouse.

And this is the woman who carried four of Dean's kids ... one of which she almost died giving birth to.

Dean supposedly cheated because he needed sex from Tori 24/7 and although she was reportedly giving it to him as much as she could -- even with four kids -- no woman is a sex machine.

Anyone who needs this much sex has a problem. Perhaps these are the "demons" that Dean's ex-wife was talking about. Dean has sex demons. Maybe Dean spent some time in that house in Indiana and his penis became possessed.

I don't think rehab is going to cure this. Once a guy gets to be this old and he still can't control his impulses there's not a lot of hope for him. And how is Tori supposed to ever trust him again?

Poor Tori, with four kids, it's not like she can just easily kick him to the curb. I guess she must be realizing that the old adage, "If he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you" has some truth to it.

Do you think Dean really cheated with this many women? Should she give up on him?


Image via ToriandDean/Instagram

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